Sunday Screenshot #43

Continuing on from my last post about how I dislike Evlyxx’s new look, which all revolves around her face I thought I’d share a series of screenshots that I have uploaded as a video to my YouTube channel (please subscribe and leave comments).
The biggest changes are on the last 3 faces, the new versions don’t look like the originals (although they are probably the worst of the original faces in terms of both quality and “prettiness”) if I had one of those as my toons face I would feel like I’d been robbed!
Thankfully, I’ve discovered I’m not a lone dissenter and I really hope that the issue is one of the “beta” issues seen so often before.
If you have beta or PTR access I urge you to go and check the new models out and see what you character looks like after the change. It is possible to switch between new and old models in the menus go to System > Advanced and tick/untick the option Show New Character Models.
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