Sunday Screenshot #39

Something a little different this week as I’m looking at a screenshot I took from a video from my old guild in Vanilla from a healer perspective.
Rewatching it
reminded me of how much panic there is in today’s game compared to
Vanilla. Today you have so little time to react to a situation compared
to then.
However, I’m not saying the Vanilla situation was
perfect, For one look how little activity the healer has. Casually
casting a spell whenever Rejuvenation falls off the tank and very little
else, because he was simply healing his assigned target not trying to top meters because back then the name of the game was mana regen and keeping your assigned target(s) alive.
If you tried to meter whore and snipe other healers heals you soon went oom and ended up with your assignment dead. Over time this model became unsustainable as damage went silly and with smaller raids you simply didn’t have assignments, you healed all who needed it and this led to the healer meter whoring we see today and it gets worse as mana conservation is simply not an issue in today’s raids.

You’ll also notice how little game world was visible. It
was this that led many to run clean custom UIs but even then it wasn’t
much better as 40 health bars takes up a load of space regardless. It is funny seeing addons like Group Buttons which put your main heals as a button next to each raid frame, stuff like Raid Status Monitor showing the mana and HP of key raid members (by class because each class only had 1 role!) and Emergency Monitor (now banned) which gave you a big ass buttom to click to target the most needy players so you could heal them.

Finally look at the Tank Targets, that isn’t the mobs that are targeting the tank, that is the list of designated tanks and their targets, here you’ll see 9 tanks! Finally, I thought I’d share the video with you too, enjoy.

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