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OK I just realised that today is Monday not Sunday (damned 8 day shift patterns screwing with my mind again) so my post is actually a day late, but it is A Bank Holiday here in the UK so it is like a Sunday!


This week’s shot is of my guild’s RBG team who this week hit an 1800 rating, to maintain our first ranking on Shadowsong EU.It is a great achievement for us as a guild to get this rating. We’re still not without our faults, but that just means we’re still not at the end of our journey as we continue to learn from our mistakes and work together as a team.


GuildOx rankingsThe two biggest qualities we have displayed as a team to hit this target are determination and teamwork. We have not ended up losing and then resorting to bitch and whine at each other.

At times we have all had a bitch about the oppoition, the class imbalances and on getting Silver Shard Mines again but we have never turned that anger/frustration on each other and for that I personally salute everyone I have had the pleasure to heal in our RBGs.

There are 5 people in our group that I think deserve an extra special mention. I’ll go in chronological order to avoid any claims of favoritism.
Exilezz for his persistence in getting the team off the ground back in Cata and again last year after he returned to WoW, to Maxizilian for his excellent RBG calling and being a bossy git and not being afraid to kick the asses of people much older than him in a mature and professional way, for Ukufa for taking the lead role and keeping things moving after James “retired”, for Applejack for his excellent input into BGs almost acting as a coach for the whole team and seeing things that others often missed and finally Dumics for levelling another priest here on Shadowsong when we needed an extra body in the team and for being a great personal coach that has helped me adapt my PVE skills into something more useful on the PVP battlegrounds (I still have a load to learn).

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