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This week I have been mostly looking after my alts, old and new. This is because my shifts at work have stopped me from raiding which happens every so often. In my time off from raiding I have been doing some fun stuff like boosting Artherion’s level 60 horde rogue through Blackwing Lair and levelling my horde death knight, Wournos to 90 and also to get my shaman, Mikmaq, progressed through the the next stafe of the legendary questline to collect the 20 Secrets of the Empire.
On the guild front, Exhumed had a good week with our 5 heroic farm bosses downed quickly and good progress made on Iron Juggernaut.
Exhumed are still looking to recruit a couple
of heroic ready players. One  of which would ideally be a mage to assist
our class balance as we already have 4 shaman! We’re rarely killing
normal mode bosses so we really do need our recruits to come fully
geared. So if you’re an ilevel 560+ player that please get in touch
soon and if you know someone that may be interested please point them
my way.



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you’re into running old content for fun and like having a laugh
with crazy wow addicts and are looking for a new home come give
Exhumed on Shadowsong EU a look. In addition to our social side we
have 2 raid teams, an RBG team and run Challenge Mode dungeons alot
on an ad-hoc basis.
also have our “Monday” raid team which is now 13/14 of 14 on normal
(not bad for 3 hours a week!) and is always looking for more players,
to help keep the momentum going.Our
PVP team is going from strength to strength and is always looking for
exceptional players as well (currently ranked #1 no Shadowsong EU) and top 1000 in the world.

For more information or to apply to join, visit our website.

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