Sunday Screenshot #34

This week’s screenshot is my memorial to the grind for Mr Smite’s Brass Compass.I have lusted after this item since it first dropped for a guildmate a few days into the Mists of Pandaria expansion. I estimate that I have killed him at least 300 times to get this 10% drop rate item to drop for. I have had guildmates tag him for me and allow me to log over from alts so Evlyxx can have a chance to get the item. Finally, this item dropped for me and I am now able to let Yorik Sharpeye (or is it Mr Smite), rest in peace and play with his toy boat.


WoW Guild Rankings
If you’re into running old content for fun and like having a laugh with crazy wow addicts and are looking for a new home come give Exhumed on Shadowsong EU a look. In addition to our social side we have 2 raid teams, an RBG team and run Challenge Mode dungeons alot on an ad-hoc basis.
Our progression team is now 5/14 heroic and we’re currently recruiting a heroic ready mage. We’re no longer killing normal mode bosses so we really do need our mage to come fully geared. So if you’re an ilevel 560+ mage that please get in touch soon and if you know someone that may be interested please point them my way.

We also have our “Monday” raid team which is now 13/14 of 14 on normal (not bad for 3 hours a week!) and is always looking for more players, especially healers, to help keep the momentum going.

Our PVP team is going from strength to strength and is always looking for exceptional players as well (currently ranked #1 no Shadowsong EU).

For more information or to apply to join, visit our website.

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