Sunday Screenshot #31



This week’s screenshot was a really tough decision to make as while Evlyxx, completed the questline from Firelands and became the owner of, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, my warlock also achieved Challenge Conqueror: Gold and the right to wear the awesome looking transmog set you get as a reward.
While both were big goals and both needed help from my awesome guild I opted for my moment of the week to be the legendary questline that I started during Cataclysm but because of my position as a healer never got the chance to complete in the right content and because of a bit of slacking on my part has taken 16 months into Mists to finish. That said I still think it is worthy of at least a picture here even if not the headline one!
While the whole guild helped me achieve these things I have to give a special mention to the 5 guys that assisted me in getting the Challenge Mode achievement because we did it with a really badly composed group of pally tank, monk/druid healer 2 warlocks and a rogue! We lacked many buffs including heroism, spell haste and critical strike so min/maxing was definitely not there. It does prove though that a badly composed group can hit gold on all dungeons. So /salute to our tank, Illumination Xiulin and Falcain (our healers), Yamï and Kojiro my DPS partners.


Have you got a screenshot of a special moment in your Azerothian life? Or maybe you just have a screenshot that made you laugh, smile or cry, if so, I’d love to see it so please leave link in the comments.
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