Sunday Screenshot #30

The last few weeks I have spent a lot of time leveling new alts hordeside and helping friends do the same. This has meant I have spent a fair bit of time in Upper Blackrock Spire (or UBRS). Today’s screenshot, which is the first of the year) has been taken from one of the iconic bosses in there.
I love this place as it hold so many memories of my early days in WoW hoping that I could get a group to do the Father Flame event so I could get my Devout shoulders. Sadly because of a certain Leeroy Jenkins not many liked to do that…

Got a screenshot of a favourite old instance? Or maybe you just have a screenshot that made you laugh,smile or cry, if
so, I’d love to see it so please leave link in the comments.
you’re into running old content for fun and like having a laugh with
crazy wow addicts and are looking for a new home come give
Exhumed on Shadowsong EU a look. In addition to our social side we have 2
raid teams and an RBG team.
flex team has killed Garrosh and is always looking for more players to
help kick us over to normal raiding. We are working on our PVP team as
well (currently ranked #1 no Shadowsong EU).Our “progression” team is
currently 14/14 (but not recruiting).

For more information or to apply to join, visit our website.

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