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Firstly I’d like to apol.ogise for my lack of activity during the past 2 weeks but some thieving scumbags decided 2 weeks ago to steal the phone cables connecting my village to the local telephone exchange (some 8kms away) and it took it lot longer than it ought to to have them replaced. As I was also on leave from work I was left beached with no Internet until the day before my vacation ended /boo.
I realised during this time how dependent I am on the Internet during this outage and even buying a mobile dongle didn’t help as I was getting a lowly 44kb/s download speed which apparently is too low to get a connection to let alone run WoW and as I was having 5 minute waits for web pages I didn’t bother even trying to much aside keep up with my guild forum.
Anyway, this post was meant to go up the day my Internet died and I am only now able to get it out so Sunday Screenshot on a Wednesday it is!
During one of our guild “mount farm” nights we decided to add ZG into the mix and found that 5 manning a level 85 boss at level 90 can cause the game to do some odd things.
Got a screenshot of something odd that happened when you attempted something the game designers hadn’t thought of? Or maybe you just have a screenshot that made you laugh, if so, I’d love to it so please leave link in the comments.
If you’re into running old content for fun and like having a laugh with crazy matuer wow addicts and are looking for a new home come give Exhumed on Shadowsong EU a look. In addition to our social side we have 2 raid teams and an RBG team.
The flex team has killed Garrosh and is always looking for more players to help kick us over to normal raiding and our “progression” team is currently 13/14 (but not recruiting) and are working on our PVP team as well. We’re Shadowsong’s only active RBG guild which means we’re number 1!

For more information or to apply to join, visit our website.

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