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Sometimes real life can be cruel and recently it seems to have conspired to throw everything at me which has resulted in less than optimal time in WoW and almost crippled my blogging for the past 2 weeks. Then this week TSM2 got launched and that has devoured a huge amount of time learning that and then setting it up 3 times (long boring story I won’t tell yet).
The good news there though i that the 3rd incarnation of my set up is far superior the the first 2 and worlds ahead of the TSM1 set up. Rather than risk having to spend a 4th period of 3 hours setting up TSM, I decided to back up all my groups and fortunately that will give me a lot of content to provide through the blog so the exercise wasn’t a complete waste.
A quick plug for Sapu and his team over at and the Consortium Forums who deserve a huge thank you from everyone that uses or has used TSM. If you’re not a user and are heavily into gold making using your professions then you really should give it a look. I won’t lie, the learning curve is steep but there are many fantastic guides out there in the community. Below is a few I have used this week after discovering them on the Consortium forum’s “Read First” post:
TSM2 Video Guides

TSM2 Written Guides

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