Sunday Screenshot #17


This week I have mostly been doing Brawlers Guild and have finally gotten to rank 7 on Evlyxx. I had previously been stuck at rank 2 boss Kirrawk. Past that point there was only one boss that was remotely difficult, Yikkan Izu, the 1st rank 6 opponent who was a complete nightmare and took me 30 tries before I got lucky with procs that gave me many instant Mind Blasts and Mind Spike in quick succession allowing me to burn him down while running away from what seemed like hundreds of adds.Compared to my warlock, who got rank 7 earlier the same day while I just face rolled the challengers thrown at her the priest is at a distinct disadvantage.

If I were designing Brawler’s Guild I would make 2 changes. Remove the ability to use pets and normalise gear.

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