Stepping Out of SWTOR………..

Evlyxx the Jedi Sage

….for now at least, I have decided to not renew my subscription to SWTOR. There are 2 reasons that basically all end up being money.

The first is my PC was moaning about the game, I was running on lowest settings and while it was still very pretty I was getting laggy FPS in solo play. In flashpoints and operations that is only going to be worse and therefore my experience of the game would be awful. I know I need a new PC and its something I’m working towards, the accountant, I mean wife, is saying no at the moment though.

The second point is that SWTOR hasn’t been up to my expectations in terms of killing WoW for me because of a lot of polish that needs to be done to SWTOR to make it as good as WoW is for the overall feel of the game. SWTOR also feels like a solo game with co-op features jammed in to make it an MMO. I’m not saying that SWTOR is crap its just not as good as WoW is. Paying for 2 games isn’t something I can commit to and while playing SWTOR I found myself thinking “this is good but WoW does this a bit better or a more user friendly way”.

I will be back when I get a new PC, even if it is to experience the whole leveling process.

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