So Tired I Will Rest For Just a Moment


Man I have been busy the past few weeks. This sadly has had a negative impact on my blogging. Firstly real life has bitten my ass big time. I work in a team of two, my shift partner recently got the sack which means my employers need to find a replacement and don’t have the usual 4 weeks notice to soften the blow on those left behind. This means that I have not had a chance on my night shifts to put together the thoughts I have had for posts. Yeah I guess I have been lucky in the past that I can actually do my blogging at work but that now isn’t happening as much as it could.
Secondly, I have now got a second major in game activity that is absorbing a lot of time: Challenge Modes.

If you’re finding LFR a tad easy and raiding tough to get into get yourself 4 buddies who you trust and go run challenge modes, it is harder than normal raiding and if you and your friends can pull of the teamwork and coordination needed you get a huge buzz. Just don’t expect great times for your first few runs. I’ll be posting more detailed tips and stuff as time goes by but a few basics are below:

  • Treat it like a raid flask, best food and use pots;
  • Some instances NEED Potions of Invisibility, use the 18 second version it allows a bigger margin of error;
  • Use your classes complete toolbox, some instances have better uses for specific talents and glyphs;
  • Learn from your mistakes you will make a ton of them like you do all the time, now you get penalised;
  • Accept that other people will make mistakes, they’re not as perfect as you;
  • Accept bad luck, you will get a pat at the wrong time, you will get poor dodge rates, the lift in Mogu’shan Palace will be at the top when you want to go up;
  • Run the daily when you have your Challenge Mode session this will give you exposure to them all;
  • The “easiest” ones are Gate of the Setting Sun, Mogu’shan Palace and Jade Serpent pick one of these and run it over and over again;
  • Don’t reset the first run of a day, it will let you see the whole instance again and refresh those brain cells of what you need to do;
  • Resets can be made from INSIDE the instance, this will prevent you getting the “you have entered too many instances messages”;
The good news is that it will make you a much better player, I know I am a better priest for it. But the best advice I’ll give is to have fun and I will be back to posting more frequently soon, rather than twice in one day!

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