Siege of Orgrimmar: Disco Style Pt3


It has been a few months since we hit the streets of Orgrimmar and it is a bit overdue but here is my Discipline Priest’s Guide to healing 10 man Siege of Orgrimmar (for previous parts see: Pt1 and Pt2 ).


Halo is awesome here, use it on cooldown and I find alternating my position between the middle and the outer edge provides the best throughput due to it healing for more the further you are from the heal target and if it crits I can easily get 1.5m per cast.
Spirit Shell before the pull and halo on the pull. Spirit Shell again before Blood Rage and use Power Word: Barrier when all are stacked up for Blood Rage.
Power Word: Shield also gets a lot of use here and is especially good for puddle soakers and Penance is very good for fast restoration of the shield to anyone with a red or missing shield.
Atonement is almost worthless on the fight and should only be used when everyone has a green shield and Spirit Shell is on cooldown. Because I run at low spirit levels, I have mana issues on this fight and therefore will use Hymn of Hope early and hope to get a second one in if needed (which usually doesn’t happen as my raid has some good DPS.
Talent wise I run with Divine Insight because I am using Power Word: Shield a lot. For the level 90 talent, as I mentioned at the start Halo is the best choice.

Spoils of Pandaria

As with all adds based fights, Twist of Fate is a very good because of Atonement and therefore you should spend most (if not all) of the fight smiting your enemies!
I also love Halo because adds and allies are often spread around the room especially as it will be boosted by Twist of Fate.
Other useful tips are to use Spirit Shell when Massive Mogu appear and to use Power Word: Shield when people get Set to Blow especially if you have Body and Soul.

Thok the Bloodthirsty

As Halo was your awesome level 90 talent on Makorok, Divine Star is the goto option on Thok as the raid is all stacked up often and as long as you stand back from the group it will hit all of the raid twice which not only heals them all for massive amounts AND puts a big fat juicy Divine Aegis on them too!
As an added bonus, if you get spell locked, you can still use Divine Star
Eventually you will get to the point where you can only cast instant spells and at that point as a Disco priest that means spamming Power Word: Shield like it was ICC all over again!
Save your Spirit Shell for when your paladin uses Devotion Aura and use Inner Focus just as it fades as you are immune to silence for 5 seconds when using it, this will give you a full 11 seconds of immunity to interrupt/silence and will allow you to get the maximum out of Spirit Shell when your raid needs it most.

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