Siege of Orgrimmar: Disco Style Pt2

It has been a few months since we hit the streets of Orgrimmar and it is a bit overdue but here is part 2 of my Discipline Priest’s Guide to healing 10 man Siege of Orgrimmar (see here for Pt1).


I tend to run  Twist of Fate because of the number of adds to smite means a lot of time in the buff zone and Halo because the raid tends to be spread out and as well as healing your raid it will hot the adds and any friendly NPCs that have taken damage which helps pad out the meters and make other healers cry ;p

 My team sends everyone up the first tower to clear it real fast but if your team doesn’t as a priest you should be assigned to tower healing as a single mass dispel will cover everyone who goes up on the first tower (slap your raid leader if he refuses to send a priest up) and levitate will help negate the fall damage on the way down (and save your butt if you’re foolish enough to get knocked off!.
On the pull use Spirit Shell to mitigate the raid wide damage from the first set of adds that come down the hill.
I also like to use Leap of Faith as when the Demo is incoming I move to the top of the left hill near the tower door, allowing me to heal the raid, smite the demo and save the tank the long rungiving him more of a head start on threat as we move up the tower before the DPS.
The damage after Galakras has landed rises quickly and you’ll need as many cooldowns as you can through out. If you use Spirit Shell first, you may get a second one out near the end of the fight.

Iron Juggernaut:

I tend to run with Divine Insight as there are no adds here and I use shields a lot on this fight especially on the bomb soaker. I also run with Halo as my raid often gets spread all over the battlefield on this fight. If your raid is a bit more disciplined Cascade is the best option.

Just before Siege Mode getting out a Spirit Shell gives awesome reults other than that it is a simple Smite/Atonement fight.

Dark Shaman:

My guild uses the 3 tank strategy on this one so my set up depends if I am assigned to the main group (who tank Hadromm and the wolves up the alley to the Drag) or the Kadris 3 man group in the main area infron of Gromash Hold. Regardless of which group I’m in I spend most of the fight using Atonement and as we’re hugged up I use Divine Star and as I don’t spam PW: Shield I use Power Infusion

If I’m in the 3 man Kadris group in the main arena I run with Halo as things are a lot more spread out and it is good for wiping out the Foul Slime and Divine Insight as I tend to spam PW: Shield a bit more on the 3 of us. Also I switch out my Glyph of Holy Fire for the Glyph of Binding Heal as there are times when it can get a bit hairy.

General Nazgrim:

I spend most of the fight Atonement healing and there a re loads of adds so I take Twist of Fate as my level 75 talent as the uptime of the 15% healing buff is very high. 
Because the raid is spread out all over the room and the adds are also randomly placed I always opt for Halo and I position myself in the middle of the room so I never have to move too far to get the max range from most people. 
Also, I aim to be stacking Spirit Shell when the boss hits 65 rage so that when he hits 70 rage and casts War Song maximum damage is mitigated and if you can hit a Halo just after it hits your raid will be in great shape.

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