Siege of Orgrimmar: Disco Style Pt1

It has been a few months since we hit the streets of Orgrimmar and it is a bit overdue but here is part 1 of my four part Discipline Priest’s Guide to healing 10 man Siege of Orgrimmar.


Surprisingly this is a lot more disc friendly than I and many others anticipated. Due to the size of the room we 3 heal this fight which also helps deal with the ever increasing number of friendly adds near the end of the fight.
I tend to run Twist of Fate here because the boss spends a lot of time at low HP and so does them friendly adds that need healing.healing adds and Halo because the room is huge and the adds start a fair distance away which means you can heal for around 200k and also hit the nasties for around that too.
During the boss phase simply atonement heal while avoid the Swirl and the Sha Puddles and build up Evangelism.
During the adds phase stand close to the boss and position yourself near a big stack of adds, early on this will most likely be many unfriendly adds and if you’re lucky 3 friendly adds. When the adds become targetable unleash Inner Focus, Archangel and Halo. If you let a friendly one escape, you can void shift one per fight and also Leap of Faith one to you every 2-3 waves.
You can also assist with the DPS by using Void Tendrils and smiting if there are no more healing ones.

Fallen Protectors:

I tend to run  Twist of Fate because of the number of adds to smite means a lot of time in the buff zone and Divine Star because my raid team tends to hug up.
Dispel bane and use mass dispel to clear a few of the raid. PW:Shield Garrote/Sha Sear/Inferno Strike victims and use Spirit Shell when Sun hits 70% and 37% and Power Word: Barrier inside her bubble and as you’ll be spending a lot of time atonement healing, you should try to time your Archangel with the Desperate Measure phases of all three bosses as this is the most healing intensive time.


I tend to run  Twist of Fate because of the number of adds to smite means a lot of time in the buff zone and Halo because it makes you super fast in clearing the phased realm out.
I always grab the first orb (along with one of our tanks) allowing me to clear my Corruption as it buffs not only our healing, but your DPS which in turn means Atonement heals for more!
As soon as you enter the phased realm hit halo. This will do a ton of healing to the 3 friendly NPCs as well as a fair chunk to the add. From there I simply smite my way to victory and unless I get the debuff, if the NPCs get the debuff I find my atonement keeps them up anyway and get out in 20-30 seconds.
Once out of the realm you should still kill the adds as these will stack up if you don’t help the DPS clear them.As raid damage is high throughout the fight I use Spirit Shell on cooldown.

Sha of  Pride:

I tend to run  Twist of Fate because of the increased damage taken by the raid once the boss hits 30% and Divine Star because we’re stacked up and if timed well can also hit the adds from Self Reflection.
Use Spirit Shell after the prison phase as this will reduce the swelling pride damage and also just before the Sha of Pride hits 30% so that when he casts Unleashed to kill Norushen much of the damage is mitigated.
I also like to switch out my Glyph of Holy Fire to Glyph of Purify as I don’t need the range and I may potentially have to spend the whole fight dispelling!

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