Server Last: All about Beer Kill the Lich King.

Tonight the boys and girls from All about Beer, the guild of friends that I house my ‘lock with managed to kill the Lich King. Sure, to many this is no real achievement, but for a small group of very casual folks its a big deal and it was done in gear that would qualify us as a strict 10 man group and many people don’t get to do that.

The kill was my first on an alt character and strangely it felt the most rewarding. With my previous guild it was sort of expected we’d kill him on both modes (10 and 25) and the 1st (on 25 man for me) felt good and the 10 man was more of a relief than anything else after spending so many hours wiping and then hitting ISP issues when the 10 mn group got him down and then rarely went back as they focused on hard modes.

Why did this feel so good? I think it is the fact that it is down to the friendly atmosphere I referred to in my post What a Long Strange Trip Its Been the fact that there has been a core 7 people also make it feel more personal and is why I am really pleased that 2 of the core got the Lich King loot so grats to Starborn on his Windrunner’s Heartseeker and Amavia for  Halion, Staff of Forgotten Love, very well deserved they were too, even if Amavia did beat me on the /roll for the staff. Yes we /roll and while we have no drama, it usually revolves around people trying to give their loot to the /roll loser.

Anyways as a final point, I really hope we are the last guild to get a 10 man guild 1st kill on our home server Shadowsong, before Cataclysm, it will be fitting for our riding style.

/salute to Aphra, Amavia, Euripedes/Plymouth, Merla, Myna, Mijuane, Posie/Elhraim/Sessine, Pootle, Stabbster, Starborn, Sausage and Whisler. Also to the emergency subs on the kill night Cork, Beltyr and Eldara (stolen for the night from Saturday Knight Fever).

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