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Finally I have had enough of this Random Loot crap that we’re getting with both bonus rolls and the RNG loot system on world bosses and Raid Finder.
A bit of background, I’ve been killing Sha and Nalak almost all expansion so far I have a combined 26 kills and as I’m a raider I’ve used my bonus roll hoping for a piece of Tier Loot. That makes a total of 52  chances of loot. So far I have won 2 times once from the drop and another from the bonus roll. Both wins were on the same glorious day that I purchased my 522 legs from the Shado Pan Assault and what did I win? 2x tier legs. These were both downgrades and I have therefore never equipped the 1 pair of pants I didn’t disenchant.
I have had better luck in normal raids with my bonus roll but thus far in the expansion I had not actually owned 2 pieces of tier loot that were worth equipping because the non tier loot I have had drop in normal raids has been better even allowing for the 2 set bonus until I got a Raid Finder tier 15 helm to upgrade the 489 rep item I had to go with my tier 15 gloves that I won last week. /cheer
Now this week the bonus roll has screwed me over, on our Megaera kill I decided to use one of my Mogu Runes of Fate as I was hoping for the Inscribed Bag of Hydra Spawn while accepting that this was a 1 in 3 chance I could at least have won the got unlucky and won the Gleaming-Eye Shoulders and used them for my shadow off-spec. The 3rd option is a set of bracers that come with a random enchant, the Frostborn Wristwraps, which while they do not have a spirit option they do come with crit and mastery which are still beneficial for a disc priest so not a total loss.

So when I won loot I was overjoyed, then a little sad when I won the bracers, then angry when I realised that I had won hit items. No fear I’ll raise a ticket and get them swapped, not for the trinket I wanted but at least a healer compatible set of bracers. The reply to my ticket is shown below:


That simply is NOT good enough. I’ll be appealing against this not because I expect it to be overturned but to make Blizzard aware that I am not pleased with the system overall.

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