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I would like to thank all 26 people who replied. The mix was good as I
had all 13 of the HC raid team respond (I did /slap them though) and
13 other people respond. This means that the results are a really good
indication of what you guys want both now and in Warlords. The
information gathered will allow us to make decisions that fit your life
and game goals. I have put as much of the information into pictures to
keep the waffle down. I have also broken the responses into 3 groups:

  • Overall: This is everybody that replied;
  • HC Raiders: This is everyone in the Wednesday/Thursday raid team;
  • Non HC Raiders: This is everyone except the HC Raiders;

Also during this post please note that the terms I use are the Warlords of Draenor terms for the raid difficulty:

  • Normal: what we currently know as Flex and raid on a Sunday;
  • Heroic: what we currently know as Normal and raid on a Monday;
  • Mythic: what we currently know as Heroic and raid on a Wednesday/Thursday;


Almost 2/3 of the people want to do Mythic raiding in Warlords and
only 2 people want to tackle raids only on the easiest mode (LFR
doesn’t count).

The people who want to raid Mythic difficulty also prefer group loot
over personal (LFR style) loot and the majority of people would like
to use the Loot Council method of loot distribution.

One of the questions I asked was, “Would you be prepared to be an
assistant raid leader, this will need time spent in and out of game?”
looking back this was a badly phrased question as what I was after was
people who could help manage a Mythic raid team if we decide to run
that content in Warlords. The reason for needing this assistance is
that managing a squad of 15 raiders is hard work and one that my co-raid leader and
myself  have done this expansion and while my co-raid leader has been a great help I
have carried the bulk of the “invisible” work that needs to get done
to get the show on the road.

A Mythic raid team will need 30 people for us to get a raid team out
every night, this is a big task and also means that we have to put a
loot distribution system in place as /roll really doesn’t work in a
large team. Therefore, the kind of roles that we will need filled are:

  • Raid Leaders;
  • Class/Role Leaders;
  • Loot Masters;
  • Strategy Planners;
  • Statisticians;
  • Recruiters;

and that is what I meant by “assistant raid leader”. 7 people
responded with at least a “maybe” and that includes 2 of Exhumed’s raid leaders and
myself. I will be speaking with the other 4 over the next week or so.

Here we see that most people want to raid only 2 days per week, none
of you want to raid only 1 day but a few folks would raid 3 or 4 days
per week.

The most popular days are our current raid days with Sunday and
Monday the most poular. Only a few people liked the thought of raiding
on a Saturday (afternoon or night) and a few liked the idea of a
Sunday afternoon raid).

With regard to our start and finish times 69% said they could start at 8pm (server) while 54% could raid until 1am (server).

HC Raiders

Looking now only at our HC Raid team. The vast majority want to raid
Mythic. One person that doesn’t want to move to Mythic because of the
20 man raid size and the other would raid Mythic but preferred Heroic

The majority prefer Loot Council, and the “n/a” figures also include people that had no preference.

In addistion to my co-raid leader and myself, 3 people said they would maybe like
to help run the raids. As stated previously, I will speak with these
people soon™.

Most people like our 2 day raid schedule…

…and our Wednesday and Thursday schedule…

Almost half the team could start at 8pm and almost 2/3rds could raid until 1pm.

Non HC Raiders

While not as numerous as the HC Raider group,almost half of our more
casual players would actually like to do Mythic raiding in Warlords.

Of those wanting Mythic raiding, over half would prefer Loot
Council. The 46% “n/a” shown below either didn’t want to raid Mythic or
had no preference.

In addition to the normal team’s raid leader, 1 other person said they would like to assist in the management of the raid team.

Most people want to raid 2 days per week…

…and for Sunday and Monday to be those days…

Most of the Non HC Raiders want to start at 8pm but over half don’t want to finish later than midnight.

What Does It All Mean?

In brief:

  • We raid on days that the guild members want to raid on;
  • Most people prefer to raid 2 nights a week;
  • The Non HC Raiders would like raids to start at 8pm;
  • The HC Raiders generally like their 9pm to midnight raid times;
  • Most people want to raid Mythic;
  • A few people may be able to help assist in the running of raids;

Over the next few weeks, the Exhumed officers will be using this information to decide our Warlords
schedule and that may possibly include changes to the way we are
raiding for the rest of this expansion as we make the transition
between the 2 expansions.

If you’d like to part of Exhumed, on Shadowsong EU, please check us out at  and if you like what you see, register and apply to join.

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