Raid Awareness 101: Void Zones

void_zoneSomething that has cropped up in guild this weeks is raid awareness or to be more frank, the lack of it. Therefore I thought I’d cover some of the raiding basics over the next few months to help us all become better raiders.

Many boss encounters make use of void zones, which is a static pile of bad placed on the floor which we must not stand in because they deal damage, silence or give us a nasty debuff so the first rule is, we never stand in them. There are 4 features common to every void zone and each one will have 2 of these features:

  • Those placed randomly;
  • Those placed on a player’s location;
  • Those that despawn;
  • Those that don’t despawn;

The randomly placed ones are a pain because we have to spend a lot of time learning how to deal with the randomness of the placing in the encounter and the room we are fighting in can slow that process down a lot.

void_zone_placementHowever, the void zone placed on a player’s location are great because we can control the RNG by stacking up and moving out of the void zone immediately, but rather than move to a random location to avoid the bad, we should move to a location so that the next void zone overlaps the previous one.This maximizes the available space whilst minimizing the amount of movement needed to avoid the bad meaning caster DPS and healers can do their job with minimal disruption. The effect we are aiming for is shown to the right,

Of course there are many fights that try to disrupt our plans to do this but if we have control over the where the void zone can land this type of overlapping should always be the goal.

If you have any ideas for things to include in this series please leave a comment below or get in touch via Twitter, @evlyxx.

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