Proving Grounds and 5.4 PTR Patch Notes

So finally we’re getting a training simulator. Sounds like a great idea I’m sure we’ve heard it before somewhere, maybe this post from March 2011?  Either way I think it is really good news and seems that Blizz are really pushing out loads of features this patch. Maybe flex raids aren’t the killer feature…
Also the Virtual Realms are a great idea but could be fraught with problems. Needing to research that a bit more before I can truly comment though.
On a more priestly front there is a mixed bag:
  • Leap of Faith no longer has a facing requirement – this is an awesome change;
  • Angelic Feather now increases allies’ movement speed by 80%, up from 60% and the feathers have a duration of 10 minutes, up from 5 minutes – not so sure on this as I haven’t played Holy all expansion but it seems kind of “meh” as I usually see the feathers used instantly;
  • Divine Insight for Discipline Priests now has a 100% chance to activate its effect after using Penance, up from 40% – another awesome change as a Penance now allows you yo double PW:Shield a target;
  • Twist of Fate’s damage and healing threshold to activate has been increased to 35%, up from 20% – also a great change especially for healers;
  • Shadowform no longer reduces all damage taken by 15% – ermagherd! wtf seriously? I still feel real squishy in shadow against mêlée, maybe there will be a buff to our armour gain from Inner Fire;
And finally:
  • Players who obtain a realm-best time in a Challenge Mode dungeon (group must contain at least 3 people from the same realm to qualify) will receive a temporary title specific to each dungeon (e.g. Siegebreaker for Siege of Niuzao temple, Darkmaster for Scholomance, etc.). This title will persist for as long as a player retains the top time on the realm. Holding a realm-best time at any point will also confer a permanent Feat of Strength to record the accomplishment.
Of this I approve greatly, I also hope they bring in this requirement for guild times too.

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