Project Titan Update: ReExhumed are raiding!


Our first official raid night and a valiant band of 7 heroes entered Wrath raiding at the beginning and we kicked some ass!
The team was Artherion, Cumingallove, Evangelysm, Heideroosje, Krius, Shifthead and Zombaal.

The Necropolis fell first as Kel’Thuzad and his minions failed to stop us, although they did take more than a small bite out of Zombaal who seemed to be their main focus. He has therefore become the official ReExhumed sacrificial gnome!


Then came the mighty Sartharion he fell too, although being only 7 we did chicken out and killed all his minions, well we had opted to leave one up but Artherion had too big an ass to run past him so we had to kill it too:


We finished the (official) night with a visit to Malygos he was tough but on our 2nd try we was tougher!


A few others stayed on and got boosted through ToC and Ulduar 25 so a big thank you Krius to Cumingallove who switched to their level 90 mains and Javine (aka Brimar from Exhumed) for the boost!
This little experiment in gearing up has shown that we are a lot more pawerful in crap gear than a level 80 was even at the point when Ulduar was defeated. Running Naxx takes an age and with the possible exception of trinkets the loot is worthless OS, Malygos and Wintergrasp VoA are quick runs and we should still do those but all focus really needs to be on Ulduar 10 and the ICC 5 man (normals) for getting the gear.
I’m still looking for a few more bodies to DPS and having OS heals/tank would be awesome so if you do want to join me leave a comment below, Tweet me or send me an ingame mail to either Evlyxx on Shadowsong EU or Evangelysm on Defias Brotherhood EU.

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