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Yes this is 2012 and yes Alaglon was way back in 2009, but for Project Titan, Algalon will be proper content!

We’re still looking for some players who are interested in getting the Herald of the Titans title and Feat of Strength, so if you’re keen and able to bring a level 80 Horde character to the party and preferably to the Defias Brotherhood server, get in touch with my by:

  • joining our forums at the ReExhumed guild website;
  • in game mail to Evangelym on the Defias Brotherhood EU realm;
  • an email to evlyxx at evlyxx dot com;
  • or leaving a comment on this or one of the other Project Titan threads

If you watch the video before reading this, the major change is that there is no longer a 1 hour despawn timer. However, it is still a challenging encounter at level and in Ulduar gear as the amount of damage to the raid and the tank is extremely high. He is also a DPS race as the enrage timer is 6 minutes, this lands just before the 4th and final Big Bang.

Phase One

Phase one lasts until Algalon hits 20%. During this phase, Algalon has 5 abilities:

Quantum Strike: This deals moderate physical damage.
Phase Punch: which he uses every 15 seconds, it deals a moderate amount of arcane damage. It also applies a 45 second stacking debuff when it reaches 5 stacks the tank is automatically ported to the Dark Matter Realm which removes the debuff but they are then stuck there for 10 seconds. Phase Punch cannot be dodged, parried, or missed so you will need to swap tanks every 75 seconds.

Cosmic Smash: is an ability cast every 25 seconds on a random raid member (including the tank). It is a red hole placed under them after 4-5 seconds it explodes, dealing fire damage based on how far away from it you are, if you fail to move at all you will be shot up into the air and be killed by fall damage.

Collapsing Star: Approximately 15-20 seconds into the fight 4 Collapsing Stars will be spawned and float slowly around the room and lose 1% of their health every second. When they die they explode dealing 20k shadow damage all raid members and while it can be resisted the lack of resistance protection makes this unlikely. A ranged DPS needs to be assigned to kill the stars and they need to time it so that the explosion does not happen at the same time as Cosmic Smash to allow healers maximum time to top everyone up. As communicating this to the raid this should be someone who speaks on vent/TS. Everyone should move away from the stars as they leave a Black Hole when they die which is a portal into the Dark Matter realm.

Constellations: when the first tank gets his fourth stack of Phase Punch, these cast Arcane Barrage on random raid members. The tank not tanking Algalon should taunt the Constellations over Black Holes which will cause the Constellation and the Black Hole to despawn. Be careful not to close ones close to the raid as people may get hit by Big Bang if they have to run too far to the Black Holes that are still up.

Big Bang: is cast every 90 seconds and deals 90K damage, one person must stay out and soak Big Bang to prevent Algalon from Ascending.

Dealing with Big Bang

While tank cooldowns, can be used to absorb Big Bangs it prevents the tank from using them while tanking Algalon and can cause tank deaths from normal melee damage. Shadow priests can use Dispersion. Healer cooldowns such as Guardian Spirit and Pain Suppression are also useful. Guardian Spirit is the most effective as it keeps you at full health since it is guaranteed to proc. When Big Bang is finished casting you get ported out immediately. Make sure you position yourself so you’re not on a Black Hole when you come out or you will be ported into the Dark Matter Realm again.

The Dark Matter Realm

Entering the Dark Matter Realm:

  • is the only way to avoid the Big Bang;
  • removes threat on Algalon;
  • is not possible with any kind of immunity such as AMS or Divine Shield;
  • causes players take 2K arcane damage a second;
  • removes Phase Punch debuff;

When inside the Dark Matter Realm using abilities such as AMS, Divine Shield, Cloak of Shadows will port you out immediately you will also need to kite the Dark Matter adds to avoid unnecessary damage and after 10 seconds you will be evicted from the Dark Matter realm.

Phase 2

At 20% phase 2 starts, all Black Holes will despawn and 4 new ones will spawn at the 4 corners of the room, NW NE SW SE, about 1/2 way between the outer edge and the centre of the room. DO NOT be standing in those spots come the transition.

Big Bang is still cast in this phase and the portals will phase you to the Dark Matter Realm but they now also spawn a Unleashed Dark Matter which needs to be picked up by the off-tank needs to pick while the DPS all burn Algalon. Stars no longer spawn but Cosmic Smash and Phase Punches still happen so make sure the tank does not get 5 stacks and get ported into the Dark Matter Realm.

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