Priestly Patch Notes 5.3

Today is the coming of 5.3 and like most other classes, us priests haven’t been left alone this patch. Discipline has been nerfed slightly once again as Atonement heals now only heal for 90% of the damage instead of 100%, but Penance does heal for 10% more but the cost of this is 10% reduction in damage done, also the Glyph of Smite no longer transfers the 20% extra damage dealt by Smite to healing via Atonement. The other Disc change is that Borrowed Time now causes the next spell to be cast/channeled 15% faster not applying a 15% haste boost, which sounds like a buff rather than a nerf.
Holy/Shadow priests in 25 man groups will now see Divine Hymn/Vampiric Embrace cap at heal 12 targets while 10 man group will remain capped at 6 players.

Disc and Holy both get changes to Mass Dispel as it now has a flat cast time of 0.5seconds which means the Glyph of Mass Dispel is is to be changed to dispel buffs/debuffs that are normally undispellable, which was previously a feature of the spell. As a PVE priest that is a buff as it now means the glyph is only needed for PvP.
Whilst talking about PVP, has received a makeover. Healing priests get a 1 minute reduction to the previously 6 minute cooldown while shadow priests get a 4 minute increase to 10 mins on the CD which place the spell into the category of no longer being usable while in Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds.
For our shadowy brethren, there is only one other change, a fix to the Glyph of Mind Flay’s movement speed increase bug as this was not stacking correctly.

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