Priesting 101: Enchanting Your Gear

Following on from my guide on Gemming Your Gear, I thought I would move on to enchanting, the other more “traditional” way of improving the stats on your character and their gear. If you’re not an enchanter there are 2 ways of getting an item enchanted, the traditional way was to find an enchanter, give them the required materials (either bought from the auction house or acquired through using the disenchant option during dungeon runs), “trade” the item in the “not to be traded” slot let them use their profession spell to enchant your item and you’re done (although I’d always offer a tip even if they don’t ask). However, since Wrath of the Lich King, it has been possible to enchant vellums into scrolls which can be sold on the Auction House so it may be worth buying a scroll from there and selling your materials. To transfer the enchant from the scroll simply right click the vellum and left click on the item you want enchanted. Simples! as the cool kids say now.

Fortunately the enchants for us healing priests are pretty clear cut and as an added extra the best enchants for a slot are the same regardless of your choice of healing spec so what follows applies equally to Holy and Discipline priests.
I’ll cover the enchants on a slot by slot basis and start with the most complicated slots first:
The Arcanum of Hyjal this provides +60 intellect and +35 critical strike rating and is becomes purchasable from Provisioner Whitecloud in the Nordrassil Innonce you achieve revered reputation with the Guardians of Hyjal reputation. It is bound to your account so if your priest isn’t revered you can buy it on a character that is and mail it over. if you’re unable to buy this the Arcanum of Vicious Intellect (+60 intellect and +35 resilience) can be used while you get the rep and at 1000 honor is quickly achieveable. However if you don’t like to PvP but you played through the Wrath of the Lich King expansion you could buy the Arcanum of Blissful Mending (+26 intellect and +20 spirit) from Cielstrasza at the Wyrmrest Temple or the Arcanum of Burning Mysteries (+26 intellect and 20 critical strike rating) from Archmage Alvareaux in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran but you will need to have gained revered with either the Wyrmrest Accord or the Kirin Tor. If you’re still struggling the Arcanum of Renewal (+16 intellect and +18 spirit) is purchasable from Quartermaster Urgronn/Logistics Officer Ulrike the Thrallmar/Honor Hold quartermasters. If you don’t have revered with those run without an enchant until you’re revered with the Guardians of Hyjal.
Felfire Inscription (+130 intellect and +25 haste) is available ONLY to characters with Inscription and is the number 1 choice. For characters without Inscription, Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone (+50 intellect and +25 haste) available from D’lom the Collector at Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm and if you’re honored/revered with Therazane, the Lesser Inscription of Charged Lodestone (+30 intellect and +20 haste) will do. If you’ve not done the Deepholm quests far enough to get to honoured the Greater Inscription of Vicious Intellect (+50 int and +25 resilience) which can be purchased for 2000 honor or 80 Tol Barad Commendations from honor quartermasters or Pogg/Quartermaster Brazie on the Tol Barad Peninsula.
If your priest doesn’t PVP but you have a character that opened up the Sons of Hodir Quartermaster during the Wrath era, you can purchase Greater Inscription of the Crag (+21 intellect and +16 spirit) or Lesser Inscription of the Crag (+15 intellect and +10 spirit) from Lillehoff in Dun Niffelem in The Storm Peaks. If you don’t have the rep with the Sons of Hodir and you have hit max level during the Burning Crusade, there is a chance that you can buy either Greater Inscription of Faith from Scribe Saalyn or Greater Inscription of the Oracle  from Scribe Veredis in Shattrath City the Aldor/Scryer Quartermasters in their respective banks.
There are no available enchants/enhancements for your necklace.
Enchant Cloak Greater Intellect (+50 intellect) or for tailors, Lightweave Embroidery (chance to proce 580 intellect for 15 seconds) or if you’re really struggling for mana regen Darkglow Embroidery (chance to proc 580 spirit for 15 seconds). If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant Cloak Intellect (+30 intellect).
Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats (+20 to all stats). If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant chest – Mighty Stats (+15 to all stats). If you’re really struggling for mana Enchant Chest – Exceptional Spirit (+40 spirit) may help but I’d look at your spell selection and teammates standing in fire before resorting to this one.
There are no available enchants/enhancements for your shirt.
Enchant Bracer – Mighty Intellect (+50 intellect) If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant Bracer – Mighty Spirit (+50 spirit). If you’ve chosen to be a leatherworker or blacksmith (yeah unlikely I know but someone out there will be) your Draconic Embossment – Intellect will give +130 intellect and Socket Bracer can be used and you should fill the void with a Brilliant Inferno Ruby for +40 intellect.
Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery (+65 mastery). If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant Gloves – Mastery (+50 Mastery) or at a push Enchant Gloves – Haste (+50 haste) although haste isn’t a fantastic stat for us priests once we’ve hit our soft cap of 12.5% raid buffed.  If you’re a blacksmith don’t forget Socket Gloves and fill the void with a Brilliant Inferno Ruby for +40 intellect.
Whilst not strictly an enchant, the Ebonsteel Belt Buckle should be used and a Brilliant Inferno Ruby used to give you +40 intellect.
Again not really an enchant but it is a way of boosting the stats on your leg armour. You should use  Powerful Ghostly Spellthread (+95 intellect and +55 spirit). If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Ghostly Spellthread (+55 intellect and +45 spirit). If youre considering Powerful Enchanted Spellthread (+95 intellect and 80 stamina) or Enchanted Spellthread (+55 intellect and 65 stamina) just don’t you NEED that spirit and if 65/80 stamina is the difference between life and death I strongly recommend downloading GTFO instead.
Enchant Boots – Lavawalker (+35 mastery and minor movement speed). If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant Boots – Earthen Vitality (+30 Stamina and minor movement speed) is much more beneficial than Enchant Boots – Haste (+50 haste) because it reduces your downtime when having to move and Cataclysm raiding is all about the movement.
Enchant Ring – Intellect (+40 intellect) but only if you’re an Enchanter, there is no ring enchant available for non-enchanters.
There are no available enchants/enhancements for your trinkets.
Enchant Weapon – Power Torrent gives the chance to proc +500 intellect for 12 seconds. If you’re wearing blues/struggling for gold Enchant Weapon – Heartsong gives the chance to proc +200 spirit for 15 seconds and whilst Enchant Weapon – Hurricane it is a very weak 3rdchoice as the other 2 are far superior.
Enchant Off-Hand – Superior Intellect (+40 intellect) the ONLY option here anyway.
There are no available enchants/enhancements for your wand.
If you’re not sure on the power of enchanting, consider this by enchanting all available slots with the highest Cataclysm enchants I’m about to discuss you can increase your intellect by 485 and your spirit by 75. That’s more intellect than Smoldering Censer of Purity gives it owner, more than half the spirit than you get from the Goblet of Anger. And those figure do NOT include the procs from Enchant Weapon – Power Torrent or Enchant Weapon – Heartsong!! So don’t be cheap and get a massive boost to your stats and buy yourself that “gear” upgrade you claim you need without getting ANY new gear at all! By not enchanting your gear you’re making life harder for yourself and for your team mates.

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