Pre-Cataclysm Changes

Wrath of the Lich King and raiding ICC had become a bit of a chore for me lately, I found myself logging in for raids and do the occasional thing here and there, but my time in game has dropped dramatically because of this boredom/frustration and the guild drama a few weeks ago made things tougher.

The time that I spent in game outside of raiding was spent with some old guild mate and I have realised that the mad paced progression game is no longer the style of play for me. With Cataclysm incoming in the next few weeks I have decided that now is the best time to say goodbye to Immersion and join my friends in Saturday Knight Fever, a guild who is focused on the more social aspects of WoW rather than solely on raiding. Cataclysm will be fun and I know that Immersion will be there biting on the heals of the truly hardcore guilds and I know that I’ll be jealous of their progress and thinking what if, but I just cannot commit to the time cost of that progression over my fun in game, sadly it does not add up anymore.

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