Announcing: PeonQuestComplete

PeonQuestComplete is my contribution to the world of addons. It is a small addon to give audio cues on the following events:

  • you complete a quest
  • you complete an objective of a quest

Each of these events will cause a distinct sound to be played (only the ‘highest ranked’ of these sounds will play, of course).

I appreciate that this is nothing new, heck I got hooked on it initially with QuestHelper and more lately, Medley. With Blizzard killing off quest helper with the built in quest tracking on the map quest addons are really unecessary and sadly 5.0.4 broke Medley, which I only used a single feature off from a list of a dozen or so. So a piece of bloatware to replace it seemed excessive. Other addons were a bit too intrusive and the closest thing I found to what I wanted was Yoco’s QuestSounds but that too was too much spam. So I decided to strip down Yoco’s QuestSounds and make it what I wanted. 
Therefore, PeonQuestComplete is heavily based on Yoco’s QuestSounds and the without that addon I would not have been able to complete my project. PeonQuestComplete does not have the objective completion (when you kill 1 of the 12 boars you need for the quest) feature as I find it annoying to be spammed audibly and in the chat window for each minor event when all I wanted was a simple audible alert that says “ready to work” when I have completed the each major objective and “job done” when the quest has been completed.

No chat spam when you kill a mob in one of the objectives

This is what PeonQuestComplete is, it is intentionally simple and I’m not intending to add any additional features. Potential changes would be extra soundsets, if I discover any that may be appropriate. Because of the simplicity of the addon there will be no graphical configuration.

Upon quest or objective completion a message in your chat window  (not a chat channel)

The sounds are sounds that are embedded in the game, they are not external sound files and therefore place no additional demand on your game experience. 

While there is no localization support, the addon should work in other languages as well, but the feedback messages will be printed in English and the commands are in English.
There are two known problems:

  1. The sounds may not play the first time they should play (if they aren’t cached yet).
  2. For some quests the wrong ‘rank’ of sound may play (e.g. the objective complete sound when the quest complete sound should play).
These are minor annoyances caused by the way WoW works rather than the addon failing and therefore cannot be fixed
The configuration “menu”

As can be seen from the above image, there are very few configuration commands available via the “/pqc” command (“/peonquestcomplete” is an alias for “/pqc”). 

There are three “sound sets” built in that you can choose between and you can switch between these via:

  • /pqc set peon
  • /pqc set peasant
  • /pqc set mix
The ‘peon’ set is the default sound set because that is the one I like best. You can test the sounds that will play by running the “/pqc test” command:
To play the “queste complete” sound:
  • /pqc test objective
  • /pqc test 1

To play the “objective complete” sound:

  • /pqc test objective
  • /pqc test 2

The addon is available through WoWInterface and Curse, the download links are below:

Download from
Download from Curse

If you like the addon, tell your friends and get them to download it, if you find bugs, please contact me.

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    1. A combination of laziness in game and familiarity as it is something that I have used for the past 5 years and WoW feels wrong without it.

      Like all addons it is not for everyone, and if I'd set out to set the world alight with this and dominate the addon scene I'd be an over optimistic old fool. But if I can make some other players happy with this as well as myself then all is good

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