Can World PVP Ever Work?

Once again, Blizzard are trying to make world pvp happen and during BlizzCon they even admitted they have Rose Tinted Goggles over the Southshore vs Tarren Mill world PVP battles that used to happen in Vanilla and have for the past 8 years tried in vain to make it happen.

  • Vanilla patch 1.12 gave us silithyst which gave the faction to get 200 returns of silithyst dust a zone wide buff to Cenarion Circle rep including inside the AQ raids;
  • TBC gave us buffs for a faction winning the PVP objective;
  • Wrath removed the zone buff model and went for a world PVP zone, Wintergrasp with a battle occurring every 2hours 30 minutes the faction controlling the zone got access to a raid instance that dropped tier and PVP loot as well as phased mobs being visible ONLY to that faction;
  • Catclysm stuck with the world PVP theme and added daily quests as well as a raid as the reward for the controlling faction, the faction that controlled the zone got more dailies;
  • Mists removed the world PVP zone and put in world bosses that were faction taggable as well as some PVP dailies in daily questing zones;
  • Warlords of Draenor: Gives us a world PVP zone again…

On PVE servers none of these has brought about World PVP and in my opinion Blizzard have failed so many times you’d think they would have realised that it wasn’t ever gonna work and they should learn from the wise words of Murozond from End Time, “To repeat the same action and expect different results is madness.”

But why does their attempts fail to encourage us? Is it because players simply  don’t want to mix PVP into their PVP? Is it because the payers are now a little bit older and therefore more pushed for time? Either way people want PVP in the game in the form of battlegrounds, arenas and duels. The whole world PVP thing really doesn’t seem to fit in with the casual friendly version of WoW we play today and I wish Blizz would stop wasting development time on such things and actually focus on balancing PVP and fixing the whole PVP gear issue as it is now impossible to quest in PVP gearas a healer because my offensive spells are about 10% of what they are in PVE gear (admittedly this is 30 ilevels higher too) and exactly the same as my level 80 TWINK priest.

I can’t think of a solution to the issue beyond having no PVP gear and when entering a BG or Arena giving players a choice from a few sets of class armour with different focus on stats (e.g. a haste set, amastery set and a crit set) but that the raises the question of how to reward PVPers.

Do you want world PVP? If so what type of world PVP would you like? Do you want incentives to encourage world PVP? If so, what would you like as the incentive?

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