Now the end is here

Well for me Wrath of the Lich King is finally conquered I have succesfully defeated Arthas, the Lich King  on 10 and 25 man modes, no heroic version but I really never anticipated that happening. Its been a long journey, I started attempts on Lich King 10 way back in February when I joined Immersion, missed the run where the 10 man group killed him and that meant progression moved directly onto the hard/heroic modes and that meant no more attempts on Arthas

Wrath saw me start in Deadwood with all of my friends, some have quit, some the rest are in Saturday Knight Fever, the others split between All about Beer, Funk Messiah and my main guild Immersion. During Wrath this resulted in Evlyxx and my alts have been split between 3 guilds and meant that while I have been active and welcomed in each guild I have always felt like I’m not giving any of them the commitment I should be.

With Catclysm soon to be with us and the massive impact that the new guild system will have on the game, I want to devote most of my time to one guild. Sadly, Immersion is on its death bed  and despite this recent re-kill of Arthas is recieving the last rites. This means I am left with 2 choices of home (I’m not 1337 enough for the Funk Messiah dudes it seems and besides I don’t want proper hard core raiding style). Its a shame that I can’t get both guilds together and make 1 super guild, All about Saturday Knight Beer Fever, but their styles just don’t mix although I am sure it would make an awesome raiding group for 25 mans.

As I play WoW for raiding and social interaction and as the All about Beer guys and girls are fewer in number and lessa addicted than the SKF troop I’m probably going to opt for Saturday Knight Fever for most of my toons and hope that I can still join the Beerites on my lock in for their weekend raids.

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