My ISP Won’t Let Me Raid

Well 25 man content at least. It has now been 3 weeks without a decent enough Internet connection to be able to raid 25 man content, my search for a new ISP has ended, but the pain and suffering caused to me so far has been immense and I hope to have it all sorted, in another week as finally TalkTalk have  accepted that it is not my PC or router at fault and are sending BT Openreach to investigate a possible line fault.

So during this time I have not gained any fresh kills, although Immersion have now killed the Blood Princes HC, good job guys only 5 more to go then Arthas HC! Its been really painful for me as for the best part of  4 years I have had almost 99% attendance for raid nights, infact I have probably missed as many this past 3 weeks as I have (holidays excepted) ever. Hmm maybe I need to get out more. But my raiding needs have been fed from doing the 10 man content with All about Beer and we have made some progress there as we are now 11/12 with only the Lich King left to kill before we embark on 10 man HC.

I have spent some more time on my alts and that has been helped along by the Midsummer Fire Festival and my new willingness to pug some 10 man ICC action on my warrior who after serious chain running 5 man HC dungeons (and the 25% ICC buff) had the gear to withstand punishment from the ICC big bads. My firt foray into ICC as a tank was a pleasant surprise, it started off as a 10 man weekly “Lord Marrowgar Must Die” run and despite most people being slightly undergeared a one shot was had, flushed with success the RL said shall we see how far we can get? It was obvious from the way people just got on with things that we all were alts of ICC veterans but we still one-shotted our way to Storming The Citadel and I’ve Gone and Made a Mess before taking our first wipe on trash leading to Festergut, who admittedly took 2 attempts before Rotface saw a few lag induced wipes which resulted in a few people “having to go now thanks”.

Most of my alts that I have played are DPS and that has resulted in downtime waiting for the Dungeon Finder to get me a group. Initially I spent some time tabbed out as I was watching the World Cup while playing anyway. But then I realised that I could build up my pre-Cataclysm warchest (which I must admit had become a lot more empty than it should as I have spent too much gold on BoE iLevel 264epics for my alts). I started by farming some ore then by fishing (the fishing actually worked really well while watching TV!) but soon realised this was not that efficient. I decided to turn my hand to some auction house farming, which has produced reasonable results for me in the past with half-hearted forays into it. I have had some nice success and while still not drawing in the thousands of day I see reported across the web as being “easy” I do believe that before Cataclysm I could hit my personal goal of getting gold capped (214748gold, 36 silver and 48 copper).

In the past I have been half way there but with 11 at level 80 I decided to spalsh out on epic flight and dual spec for them all, pimp them out with BoE epics as they hit 80 and also not to mention the best enchants and gem for their gear. Oh yeah I also wasted (?) gold on Red Drake, Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and a  Mekgineer’s Chopper for Evlyxx. This past 3 weeks has seen me earn 20k gold so I’m now only about  180k short of the goal, sounds bad but I still have some stock to sell on the AH and I have also started collecting certain items ready for selling to all those lovely Worgen that will get rolled come Cataclysm

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