MoP Talents for Priests

As promised yesterday here are my thoughts on the new priest talents. There are still many unanswered questions and what follows is my gut reactions and hopefully I won’t have dissed as perfectly good talent or praised something unjustly

Level 15: Crowd control

  • Void Tendrils: Roots with a 30 second cooldown good for running away from stuff and PvP;
  • Psyfiend: A pet that pyschic screams every 2 seconds another PvP focused one imho but if a glyph stops the runing away could be great in PvE too;
  • Psychic Scream: the old faithful, will be sad to lose it but Psyfiend could be too useful;

Level 30: Movement Speed

  • Body and Soul: Speed Bubble – great for all healers and maybe Shadow too;
  • Path of the Devout: 25% speed buff while levitating. Why? Running across water will be great but can see no other benefit;
  • Phantasm: 3 second run speed buff when fading, also removes movement impairing effects – a PvP talent for those that don’t love speed bubble;

Level 45: Self Buffs/Utility

  • From Darkness, Comes Light: 6% chance for a free flash heal or a Shadow Orb free Mind Blast – looks like a great shadow option (assuming that Mind Blast has no CD and just requires a Shadow Orb). A waste for any healer;
  • Divine Star: A boomerang version of Holy Nova, could be useful when you know you’re going to be incapacitated and maybe PvP;
  • Archangel: Healing/DPS boost-Looks like the clear cut winner to me and a great boost to Holy priests, I wonder if Atonement will work for them too?;

Level 60: Saving Thine Own Ass

  • Desperate Prayer: 30% self heal always nice even for Shadow priests;
  • Angelic Bulwark: 30% stronger self shield – could be sweet when levelling not sure on its raiding utility unless we going to see lots of ICC type aura damage;
  • Final Prayer: 20% HP auto shield when you HP drops below 30% with 90 second CD. Will it stop a death if the blow takes you from 31% to death? Could be useful for all and maybe more powerful the Desperate Prayer especially for Shadow priests;

Level 75: More Self Buffs

  • Twist of Fate: Improved healing on targets at 25% HP or less – they should get that low but useful when they do. My thoughts are this is more PvP than PvE;
  • Power Infusion: Haste and mana cost reduction for the target, my money is this will be the best for all flavours of priest;
  • Serendipity/Mind Melt: Haste and mana cost reduction for healers and faster (including instacast) Mind Blast for Shadow. a great choice for healers and a good one for shadow;

Level 90: Cross Healing

  • Vow of Unity: A cross between Beacon of Light and Hand of Sacrifice the pallies have a useful option but maybe too risky;
  • Void Shift: Swap health with your target a great choice for that tank/flag carrier who is about to die and taking a beating while you’re at full HP and have no incoming damage;
  • Vampiric Dominance: 15% heals to 3 nearby players. If this is in addition to Vampiric Embrace Shadow Priests are going to be even more useful but it looks like a great talent choice for healers especially in 5/10 man groups;

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