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With the exception of this I have so far, unlike many WoW bloggers, I have so far resisted the urge to splurge copious amounts of Mists of Pandaria information over my blog since the recent Blizzard press day and the NDA was lifted (not that I got that summon ofc). That will all end soon enough when I start playing the Beta that I have had for the past week and a half and not started downloading yet.

For now here are just a few thoughts on the announced features:

Account wide pets/mounts/achievements: as discussed a few days ago I think this is awesome will mean no more wasted effort on alts or gold buying pets/mounts I like. 

LFR will be available at level 90 for all fourteen boss encounters: Liking the ne loot rules but not the missing 10 man option. Would be awesome even if it was only there for pre-mades.
Valor point system revamp: I’m loving the new style, by removing gear purchase and only offering upgrades it places far more onus on players doing the right content to get the gear they need for the content they are doing. No more easy HCs giving highest tier of raid loot.

Garrosh will be this expansion’s final boss: As long as they get the launch and 2nd/3rd tier raiding balanced  in terms of actual content the bosses themselves are of little relevance. That said kicking the ass of the other faction leader is cool but I’m not sure how that will feel when it’s YOUR faction’s leader. I need an excuse to max out a hordie, this is it!
Female pandaren were revealed: They are cute as hell and I’m sad that my Alliance pandaren will be a male, but they are just too cool to pass up on. Maybe my hordie pandaren will be female ;p
Eleven character slots will let everyone try out a monk: I love you Blizzard!
The Tiller faction lets player have their own farms in-game: Sounds cool, if it is like Farmville I’ll not touch it though.

Cooking will have four specializations:  Interesting concept, I assume we’ll be munching on feasts for raids though so not sure how this will benefit me or anyone else. I like to be proven wrong though.
Prime glyphs have been removed and many new vanity glyphs have taken their place: hmm more de-cookie cuttering in the offing. I like this too.
Lorewalkers will urge players to explore the world around them by providing cutscenes and rewards: Need moe details but if they make archaeology more interesting a worthy entry to the game. Will they be in all zones though?
Monks have auto attack: Makes sense too much auto-attack damage on melee classes exist to remove completely. 
Challenge modes: A good idea but the transmog gear rewards are a bit meh as they will just become as popular as the old raid sets were, besides I like my gear transmogs already so no incentive is there for me other than the actual challenge.
Pet battles: Not a fan at this point, if I can play Wowkemon on my iPhone I may be interested but once the achievements have been earned I’ll be ignoring this feature most likely.
World PvP objectives: A great idea and by adding the incentive of increasing your faction’s conquest point weekly cap.

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  1. Judging by what is currently on the beta Panderen are neither horde nor Alliance – they sit in the middle! I don't know if you are forced down one path or the other at some point in character progression or if you are considered neutral to both Horde and Alliance. I've got to L10 on my Panda and not had this issue so far. I also have no idea if this means I see both horde and alliance posts on /1 etc as it's impossible to figure out plus I generally ignore it anyway.

  2. So.. How do you think rep achievements will work? If I say have Aldor on one toon and Scryer on the other will I have Aldor and Scryer counting towards 55-Exalted Reputations? Or do I have to have it one one then all my toons get the achievement 55-Exaulted Reps… It's an interesting difference.. I sort of think it's going to work the second way… (grumbles as he goes back to Dreadfang Venom Sack Farming).

  3. @SirFWALGMan I think it will work the first way, although knowing Blizz they will make some achievements Feats of Strength and remove others that don't actually make sense anymore.

    @Ghee Yes the neutral till leaving the Pandaren starter zone then choosing a faction thing was a BlizzCon 2011 detail many have forgotten. It could well be used as a faction loophole though.

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