MSV (10) Strats


This dynamic encounter is similar to the Omnotron Defence System seen in Blackwing Descent as we will be fighting multiple mobs with an energy bar that we need to monitor and some very have special abilities for us to avoid.
In 10 man mode, we will only be fighting 3 of the Guards at once but much like the Halfus fight from the Bastion of Twilight the three we fight will vary. Our 4 opponents are:
  • Amethyst Guardian;
  • Cobalt Guardian;
  • Jade Guardian;
  • Jasper Guardian;

The Guardians

They have a shared health pool of 130m and a Solid Stone buff that prevents 90% of damage. This buff drops of when a Guardian is within 12 yards of another Guardian but also allows Guardians to gain energy and when a Guardians energy bar reaches 100% it Overloads which will deal a raid wide. A random Guardians will also apply a petrification effect (shown by an additional frame on your screen) which prevents 90% of the damage from its Overload attack.
Therefore, the basic strategy is to match the order of the Overloads with the order of the petrification.

Petrification and Overload

Each Guardian’s petrification provides 90% damage protection from a particular school of magic for the first 75 seconds,
  • Amethyst Petrification: Shadow;
  • Cobalt Petrification: Arcane;
  • Jade Petrification: Nature;
  • Jasper Petrification: Fire;
After 80 seconds the the raid becomes petrified and will most likely cause a wipe as we will be unable to move or use any abilities. To prevent this we need to force the Guardian applying petrification to Overload by making it reach 100% energy by always having the petrifying Guardian next to the Guardian with the lowest amount of energy.
Tanks will need to taunt frequently to ensure that the petrifying Guardian is in next to the lowest energy Guardian. This also means that DPS needs to watch their threat to ensure the tanks are not taunting too frequently resulting in the mob becoming taunt immune.


The petrifying Guardian and the lowest energy guardian should be tanked in the middle of the room with the lone guardian being tanked to one side.
As DPS should ONLY be on the 2 guardians in the middle of the room melee DPS should be beating on those 2 Guardians. Ranged DPS and healers should be stacked close to each other on the red carpet area.
This will mean that they will need to be quick to move away from the Amethyst Pool void zones and the Cobalt Mines. If affected by Jasper Chains the affected players will need to stay close to each other and move together to avoid massive damage.
After a short time space will become an issue, to help ease the problem it  is possible to detonate the Cobalt Mines by a designated person who must ensure that nobody else is within 8 yards of them. This should only be done during Cobalt Petrification.


The Pull

On pull 2 crystal spawn for use by tanks. Clicking them will give an Extra Action Button 1 
  • Right side: Nullification Barrier – AoE Damage barrier
  • Left side: Shroud of Reversal – Ability steal

Phase 1 (100% to 66%)

  • Dot on tank;
  • Shockwave: Move out of it;
  • Epicenter: Earthquake damage reduced the further away you are;

Epicenter can be mitigated by Nullification Barrier or by interupting the boss by the tank with Shroud of Reversal taking the damage from Shockwave and using the Lightning Fist ability they gain 

Phase 2 (66% to 33%)

  • Dot on tank (taunt on 3);
  • Wildfire Spark: Debuff on a player when it runs out fire spaws on your feet. Drop it to set location;
  • Draw Flame: Boss soaks fires dropped which causes him to do AoE damage to the raid;
  • Draw Flame can be avoided by placing Nullification Barrier between boss and flames

Phase 3 (33% to death)

  • Dot on tank (taunt on 3);
  • Arcane Resonance: Move away from raid;
  • Arcane Velocity: Hug up;
  • Nullification Barrier should be used to mitigate Arcane Velocity.


Phase 1

Normal World

Voodoo Dolls: Tank and 2 other players get voodoo dolls debuff for 1 minute. 70% of damage taken by a voodoo doll debuffed player also taken by the other debuffed players – tanks should use cooldowns, healers suck it up and heal!
  • Banishment: Cast on tank when the Voodoo Dolls debuff drops. Off Tank should be ready to taunt as soon as Banishment is cast.
  • Spirit totems: Every 20 seconds a totem will be randomly placed when it dies the 3 nearest players will be sucked into the spirit world for 30 seconds 1 healer and 2 DPS should stack on the totem. Voodoo Dolls targets are unable to enter the Spirit World.

Spirit World

  • Tanks: When banished to the Spirit World you “escape” by killing the Severer of Souls before your 30 seconds is up. Nobody else sees the mob so cannot help. 
  • DPS: The 2 DPS should kill as many Shadowy Minions as possible before pressing their escape button after 25 seconds or when all adds are dead. The button only appears after you are healed to full health.
  • Healer: The healer needs to heal themselves and the 2 DPS to full health as quickly as possible to trigger the escape button. While in teh Spirit World mana regen is insane so be inefficient in there. For this reason healers hould rotate entering the spirit world

Phase 2

Normal World

At 20% HP he hits Frenzy causing him to hit faster and harder. He stops casting Spirit Totems but keeps casting Voodoo Dolls. We cast Heroism/Timewarp we hit faster and harder too (just not as fast or hard as he will).

Spirit World

Can no longer be entered, no more free mana, no more add killing to prevent incoming damage and adds keep spawning so raid damage is always increasing.

Phase 3

Normal World

6 minutes after pulling the boss he goes boom and wipes the raid.


This is a council-type fight with 4 bosses which you fight one at a time, in random order, except the first which is alway Qiang the Merciless.

Each new boss becomes active when the previous one is killed. Each of the bosses has his own health pool and his own set of abilities. Each boss has one ability which persists through death. This means that the fight becomes progressively more difficult.

The fight involves a lot of movement, and proper positioning is an important requirement for success, throughout the course of the fight.

Qiang the Merciless

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Flanking Orders summons a row of Mogu warriors that spawn at a random edge of the room and are unattackable. They walk slowly across the room in and can easily avoid it by moving to either side of the line. They will one-shot anyone in their path. Qiang casts this ability every 40 seconds while he is alive, and every 75 seconds when he is dead cooldown.
  • Annihilate is an AoE attack that the boss uses every 40 seconds that deals a high damage in an area on the ground. There is a 3-second visual effect before it deals damage, making it easy to avoid. 
  • Massive Attacks is a front cone attack that deals massive damage that is shared between all it hits. The boss uses this ability every 5 seconds so EVERYBODY should stack in front of the boss to share the damage unless needing to move for Flankinking Orders or Annihilate.

Zian of the Endless Shadow

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Undying Shadows selects a random raid member and a few seconds later summons an attackable add at their location which fixates on the nearest raid member, and follows that player around, dealing damage to all players within 10 yards of it. When the add is killed, it forms a large void zone, which shrinks over 30 seconds when it reincarnates into the original add which fixates on the nearest target. After the 2nd void zone shrinks it disappears permanently. Zian casts this every 40 seconds while he is alive, and every 85 seconds after he is defeated.
  • Shadow Blast is an interruptible spell that deals a large amount of damage to everyone within 8 yards of the target’s location. Zian casts Shadow Blast every 4-5 seconds. By spreading out this ability is a minor issue.
  • Charged Shadows is a spell that deals a high amount of shadow damage to a player which jumps to other players within 8 yards and damages them as well. By spreading out this ability is a minor issue.

Subetai the Swift

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Pillage is a charge to a random raid member and debuff all players within 8 yards with Pillaged a 15 second debuff, which reduces damage and healing done by 50%, and increases Physical damage taken by 50%. The boss casts this ability every 40 seconds.
  • Volley is a 3-step frontal cone attack that is avoided by moving away from it
    • Subetai fires a volley of arrows in a wide cone, dealing a moderate amount of Physical damage. 
    • A second later, he fires again, but this time the cone is less wide and the damage is higher. 
    • A second later, he fires a final volley, in a narrow cone, dealing massive damage.
  • Rain of Arrows is targeted at a random raid member and all players in an 8-yard radius are stunned by Pinning Arrows, which deal Physical damage to the players every second. These arrows should be attacked and killed to free players. Players can also use abilities like Every Man For Himself, Blink etc.

By spreading out the impact of these attacks is trivial.

Meng the Demented

Meng the Demented is a bit different from the other Spirit Kings, in the sense that he has an insanity bar that increases slowly over time. When the insanity bar reaches maximum capacity, it resets, and the boss’ insanity begins to grow once more. Meng has two passive abilities, only one of which is active at one time. The two passive abilities alternate, changing each time Meng’s insanity reaches maximum capacity.

Has 4 main abilities:

  • Crazed increases Meng’s physical damage by 200% of his current insanity.
  • Cowardice causes Meng to reflect damage equal to 50% of his current insanity that hits the raid.
  • Maddening Shout turns all raid members hostile to each other. It also causes everyone to take Shadow damage every 3 seconds. The effect ends when each player has sustained 40,000 damage from another player. Meng casts Maddening Shout every 50 seconds while he is alive, and every 85 seconds after he is defeated. The best way to deal with this is to hug the boss and use weak AoE that leave no dots and does not cause stuns or other debuffs eg no Starfall, Mushrooms or Seed of Corruption.
  • Crazy Thought is an interruptible spell that Meng casts every 5 seconds which increases Meng’s insanity by 10. Interupt it as often as possible when insanity is below 60% and let him cast it when it is above 60%. This causes Meng to spend as much time at low insanity (and low damage) and less time at high insanity (and high damage).

The key to mastering this fight is dealing with the retained abilities which require you to hug up and spread out continuously. Master that and you win.


Elegon is the toughest fight in Mogu Shan Vaults and in my opinion should have been the end boss. 
This is a 3 phase fight, each phase repeats twice throughout the fight and you fight Elegon in a circular room with an Inner Ring and an Outer Ring.
The Inner Ring is covered by a floor made of energy. Any raid member that stands in this area receives two debuffs, one that increases damage done and healing received by 50% and the other, Overcharged, increases damage taken by 5% per stack, up to a maximum of 20 stacks. A new stack is applied every 5 seconds. Leaving the Inner Ring immediately removes the Overcharged debuff.
Phase One lasts from 100% to 85% of Elegon’s health. Elegon is located in the center of the Inner Ring, and he is stationary. He can be turned, but he does not move from his position.
Elegon does a frontal cone AoE attack every 20 seconds. He also summons a Celestial Protector (every 35 econds) who melees its main aggro target and regularly attacks a random raid member and applies a debuff which reduces the healing taken by that target by 50% for 20 seconds, and MUST be dispelled. When the Celestial Protector is outside the Inner Ring and has over 25% health, he takes 90% reduced damage. At 25% health the Celestial Protector deals a small amount of damage to all raid members every second until he dies upon death he deals a large amount of damage to all raid members and should therefore be killed in the Outer Ring as he also gets the 50% damage buff.
Phase Two starts as Phase One ends and lasts until the adds that the boss repeatedly spawns are not all killed in a given amount of time. The time frame for killing each wave of adds is shorter each time, generally it lasts 40 seconds.
Phase Three starts as Phase Two ends and the floor disappears (fail and you will fall to your death). Phase three lasts until the all of the objects the boss spawns during phase Three are dead. The raid takes increasing raid damage that will lead to a wipe and should not last beyond 80 seconds.
Phase One starts for a second time when Elegon reaches 50% health, and the cycle repeats.
Once the second cycle ends, Elegon will no longer wipe the raid but will stay at Phase 1 and deal massive raid wide damage.
Because of the high DPS requirement it needs to be 2 healed.

Strategy Phase One

Have Elegon tanked facing away from the raid, so that he does not hit anyone except the tank with AoE conal attack. The OT should pick up the Celestial Protectors, and tank them on the edge of the Inner Ring until they hit 24%. Make sure no one is low on health when the Celestial Protector dies (a good time for a tank swap too). 
  • Everyone (including the tank) needs to leave the Inner Ring to reset their stacks of Overcharged (10 is time to panic). The tanks will need to switch tanking Elegon.
  • Healers must be quick to dispel Closed Circuit from players.
  • Ranged DPS and healers should stack up close to the edge of the Inner Ring, so that they can reset their Overcharged debuff easily.
  • The melee DPS and any healers who prefer melee range will simply stack up behind Elegon.
  • There is no reason for the ranged DPS and healer group to move from their location.

Improving Raid DPS in Phase 1

Getting Elegon to Phase Two (85% health) with as few Celestial Protector spawns as possible (preferably 2) needs some tricks melee DPS can stay in, and not reset Overcharged for the first Celestia Protector but will need to use defensive cooldowns to survive. 
Ranged can find a sweet spot at the edge of the border between the Inner and Outer Rings, so a simple jump will reset the debuffs and you can try to find one even before the fight starts. Simply stand as close to the Outer Ring as you can, while still benefiting from Touch of the Titans, and see if jumping in that location resets your stacks of Overcharged.
You should be able to push Elegon to phase Two without the use of major cooldowns.

Strategy Phase Two

This is a DPS burn phase, but there is some raid damage to consider.
When Elegon reaches 85% health, he cast Draw Power for 15 seconds after which he gains a debuff (that increases the damage he takes by 10% per stack which persists until the end of the fight) and will spawn 6 Energy Charge adds around him, these adds will begin moving towards 6 fixed points at the edge of the Inner Ring and must be killed within 15 seconds. 
  • If all the adds are killed before they reach their destination, he will gain a new stack of the Draw Power debuff and spawn another set of 6 adds that move faster so they must be killed with 12 seconds, seconds. 
  • If all the adds are killed before they reach their destination, he will gain a new stack of the Draw Power debuff and spawn another set of 6 adds that move faster so they must be killed with 10 seconds.
  • If all the adds are killed before they reach their destination, he will gain a new stack of the Draw Power debuff and spawn another set of 6 adds that move faster so they must be killed with 8 seconds.

This process continues, with the casts of Focus Power being shorter and shorter, until one or more Energy Charges reach their destination.

When at least one Energy Charge reaches its destination, the boss will enter phase Three and you will have about 20 seconds before the floor of the Inner Ring disappears.
While Elegon casts Daraw Power hit him hard especially on the first cast as this takes 15 seconds. 
Kill as many waves of Energy Charges as possible, when they spawn they can be AoE’d, they have 500K health. Assign specific groups of DPS players for each add. But you will know how many waves your raid can kill it is a waste of DPS to half kill a wave so if you can’t kill a wave ignore it completely and DPS Elegon. The number of waves will depend on your raid’s DPS, but most raids ignoe the fourth or fifth waves.
Ranged DPS and healers, should spend their time at the outer edge of the Inner Ring and simply side-step or jump to reset their debuff of Overcharged. Melee DPS players should quickly step outside the Inner Ring whenever they finish killing an Energy Charge or be prepared to use defensive or self-healing cooldowns to survive the next wave of explosions.

Strategy Phase Three

When one or more Energy Charges reach their destination, phase Three begins.
Run to the Outer Ring and after about 20 seconds, 6 pylons, Empyreal Focuses, will appear around the inner edge of the Outer Ring that are stationary, killable adds that deal no damage. Phase Three ends when all 6 pylons are killed. You need to put a tank, healer and 3 DPS on each side of the room and each group kills the pylons on their side of the room, avoid the ground AoE and don’t run through the walls of fire!
Tanks will have to pick up and tank the Cosmic Sparks, while healers must heal the damage from Elegon and the Cosmic Sparks.
When the phase is over, your raid can AoE the Cosmic Sparks.

Round 2!

When phase Three ends, phase One will restart and will end when Elegon reaches 50% health, instead of 85%.
When Round 2, Phase 3 ends, Elegon gains a buff called Radiating Energies, which periodically deals raid-wide damage to all players, in both the Inner and Outer Rings. The damage in the Outer Ring is considerably higher than that in the Inner Ring. Aside from this, Elegon will simply melee the tank and cast Celestial Breath.
This is a burn phase, when the boss will be taking increased damage from all the stacks of Draw Power that he should have by now (hopefully 8-10 stacks!). Your raid will have a limited amount of time before Elegon enrages (9mins 30secs). 
Everyone should stack on Elegon, heal through the damage, DO NOT reset stacks of Overcharged. Heroism and cooldowns should be blown now.

The Will of the Emperor encounter is a two-phase fight. After activating the control panel you have to wait for 25 seconds before the fight begins.
  • Phase One lasts for 90 seconds you will have to handle three different types of adds;
  • Phase Two begins after 90 seconds when Jan-xi and Qin-xi become active. The adds from Phase One will continue to spawn;
  • Jan-xi and Qin-xi have a shared health pool;

Phase One

You will have to handle three different types of adds for 90 seconds, a new wave spawns every 15 seconds.
1x Emperor’s Courage: Their only ability is Focused Defense, which causes them to fixate on one of your raid’s tanks, and do nothing except walk towards that target. Upon reaching their target, they hit them with Impeding Thrust, a damaging attack which stacks a debuff on the target, slowing their movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds, per stack. At 4 stacks, the target is unable to move. Emperor’s Courage adds can be killed, but they can only be damaged when attacked from behind. They can be slowed, but other forms of crowd control do not work against them. 
These adds are the top priority and must be killed before they reach the tank that they have fixated on. The tanks will also have to move away from these adds if they get too close.
1x Emperor’s Strength: They have normal threat tables, but do not melee their main aggro target. They regularly cast Energizing Smash, which causes the add to hit the ground in front of them, dealing a high amount of Physical damage in 10-yard radius around the impact location, and stunning all affected targets. With each Energizing Smash, the 10-yard radius increases by 1 yard. Energizing Smash is cast about once every 7 seconds. They are immune to all forms of crowd control. 
It is important to kill them before the radius of their Energizing Smash increases so much that it is impossible for it to be avoided. They should simply be nuked down when no Emperor’s Courage are up.
2x Emperor’s Rage: Their only ability is Focused Assault, which causes them to fixate on a random raid member, and do nothing except walk towards that target. Upon reaching their target, they perform mildly damaging attacks against them. Emperor’s Rage adds can be killed, slowed, stunned, and they are generally susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
These adds are the least harmful. Players on whom they fixate should be careful to move away from them until the adds are killed.

Phase Two

Phase Two starts 90 seconds into the encounter when Jan-xi and Qin-xi enter the fight. All the adds from Phase One will continue to spawn and must be kept under control and killed in a timely fashion. The same priority order applies as in Phase One.
  1. Emperor’s Courage;
  2. Emperor’s Strength;
  3. Emperor’s Rage;
Jan-xi and Qin-xi have an Energy bar, when the bosses reach maximum Energy (every 20 seconds), they each perform a Devastating Combo. A Devastating Combo is a series of 5 attacks, used over a period of 15 seconds, during which time the bosses no longer melee or move. Their attacks are a random combination of: 
Devastating Arc: causes the boss to swing his massive weapon and deal damage in a large area in front, to the left, or to the right of the boss. It is easy to tell which area the boss will strike, as blue lights flash in that direction, also the boss swings his weapon back over the opposite shoulder to the side he will attack there left shoulder means he will strike the area to his right while his right shoulder means he will strike the area to his left. If he holds the weapon pointing forward, he will strike the area in front of him. Getting hit by this attack, in addition to the damage it deals, also applies a stacking debuff that reduces the target’s armor by 10% for 30 seconds, per stack.
Stomp: deals damage to players in a 12-yard radius around the boss, also stunning them for 2 seconds. It is easy to tell when a Stomp is about to happen from the boss’ animation. He will lift the weapon up above his head. While these two abilities are damaging on their own, avoiding them has another, very important benefit. Whenever a player avoids taking damage from all abilities in a Devastating Combo, they gain the  Opportunistic Strike ability, in the form of an extra action button. This ability can only be used once, and it deals 500,000 damage to the target.
Each boss also applies a debuff to his main aggro target, called  Magnetic Armor. This debuff is harmless when the tank is within 15 yards of the boss. When the tank exceeds this distance, however, he will be instantly pulled back to the boss.
Titan Gas: fills the room every 2 minutes and 30 seconds and lasts for 20 seconds each and:
  • deals raid-wide Frost damage every second;
  • increases the damage done of all melee players and tanks by 25%;
  • increases the damage done of all enemies by 25%;
  • stops all adds from spawning for the duration;
  • the fourth Titan Gas allows the adds continue to spawn and lasts until the bosses have been killed , and acts as an enrage timer.
DPS major cooldowns should be used during Titan Gas phases and heroism/time warp used when the fourth one starts to get the full 40 seconds benefit of teh additional damage and healing output.


As soon as the two bosses spawn, the two tanks should pick them up. The bosses should be tanked about 60 yards apart to avoid overlapping Devastating Arcs. Ranged DPS/healers should be in a location that their position and the two bosses form a triangle. This will allow the healers and DPS to be in range of both bosses and the tanks, without being in danger of being hit by Devastating Arc or Stomp.
Tanks have an added challenge in avoiding Devasting Arc because of Magnetic Armor however, the tanks can quite easily move to the side of the boss that will not be affected. To avoid the Stomp, tanks will have to move away from the boss, between 13 and 15 yards, where they will not be hit by the Stomp, nor pulled back by Magnetic Armor. This will be tricky to do at first, but it should become easy with some practice.


If everyone plays perfectly, there should be no raid damage at all outside of Titan Gas. However, healers will still need to heal those raid members who are careless enough to be hit by the Emperor’s Rage or by Devastating Combos.
During Titan Gas phases, healing and raid cooldowns should be used to mitigate the damage and healers should coordinate with tanks for proper cooldown usage.