Mogu Shan Vaults: Will of the Emperor (10)


The Will of the Emperor encounter is a two-phase fight. After activating the control panel you have to wait for 25 seconds before the fight begins.
  • Phase One lasts for 90 seconds you will have to handle three different types of adds;
  • Phase Two begins after 90 seconds when Jan-xi and Qin-xi become active. The adds from Phase One will continue to spawn;
  • Jan-xi and Qin-xi have a shared health pool;

Phase One

You will have to handle three different types of adds for 90 seconds, a new wave spawns every 15 seconds.
1x Emperor’s Courage: Their only ability is Focused Defense, which causes them to fixate on one of your raid’s tanks, and do nothing except walk towards that target. Upon reaching their target, they hit them with Impeding Thrust, a damaging attack which stacks a debuff on the target, slowing their movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds, per stack. At 4 stacks, the target is unable to move. Emperor’s Courage adds can be killed, but they can only be damaged when attacked from behind. They can be slowed, but other forms of crowd control do not work against them. 
These adds are the top priority and must be killed before they reach the tank that they have fixated on. The tanks will also have to move away from these adds if they get too close.
1x Emperor’s Strength: They have normal threat tables, but do not melee their main aggro target. They regularly cast Energizing Smash, which causes the add to hit the ground in front of them, dealing a high amount of Physical damage in 10-yard radius around the impact location, and stunning all affected targets. With each Energizing Smash, the 10-yard radius increases by 1 yard. Energizing Smash is cast about once every 7 seconds. They are immune to all forms of crowd control. 
It is important to kill them before the radius of their Energizing Smash increases so much that it is impossible for it to be avoided. They should simply be nuked down when no Emperor’s Courage are up.
2x Emperor’s Rage: Their only ability is Focused Assault, which causes them to fixate on a random raid member, and do nothing except walk towards that target. Upon reaching their target, they perform mildly damaging attacks against them. Emperor’s Rage adds can be killed, slowed, stunned, and they are generally susceptible to all forms of crowd control.
These adds are the least harmful. Players on whom they fixate should be careful to move away from them until the adds are killed.

Phase Two

Phase Two starts 90 seconds into the encounter when Jan-xi and Qin-xi enter the fight. All the adds from Phase One will continue to spawn and must be kept under control and killed in a timely fashion. The same priority order applies as in Phase One.
  1. Emperor’s Courage;
  2. Emperor’s Strength;
  3. Emperor’s Rage;

Jan-xi and Qin-xi have an Energy bar, when the bosses reach maximum Energy (every 20 seconds), they each perform a Devastating Combo. A Devastating Combo is a series of 5 attacks, used over a period of 15 seconds, during which time the bosses no longer melee or move. Their attacks are a random combination of: 

Devastating Arc: causes the boss to swing his massive weapon and deal damage in a large area in front, to the left, or to the right of the boss. It is easy to tell which area the boss will strike, as blue lights flash in that direction, also the boss swings his weapon back over the opposite shoulder to the side he will attack there left shoulder means he will strike the area to his right while his right shoulder means he will strike the area to his left. If he holds the weapon pointing forward, he will strike the area in front of him. Getting hit by this attack, in addition to the damage it deals, also applies a stacking debuff that reduces the target’s armor by 10% for 30 seconds, per stack.
Stomp: deals damage to players in a 12-yard radius around the boss, also stunning them for 2 seconds. It is easy to tell when a Stomp is about to happen from the boss’ animation. He will lift the weapon up above his head. While these two abilities are damaging on their own, avoiding them has another, very important benefit. Whenever a player avoids taking damage from all abilities in a Devastating Combo, they gain the  Opportunistic Strike ability, in the form of an extra action button. This ability can only be used once, and it deals 500,000 damage to the target.
Each boss also applies a debuff to his main aggro target, called  Magnetic Armor. This debuff is harmless when the tank is within 15 yards of the boss. When the tank exceeds this distance, however, he will be instantly pulled back to the boss.
Titan Gas: fills the room every 2 minutes and 30 seconds and lasts for 20 seconds each and:
  • deals raid-wide Frost damage every second;
  • increases the damage done of all melee players and tanks by 25%;
  • increases the damage done of all enemies by 25%;
  • stops all adds from spawning for the duration;
  • the fourth Titan Gas allows the adds continue to spawn and lasts until the bosses have been killed , and acts as an enrage timer.

DPS major cooldowns should be used during Titan Gas phases and heroism/time warp used when the fourth one starts to get the full 40 seconds benefit of teh additional damage and healing output.


As soon as the two bosses spawn, the two tanks should pick them up. The bosses should be tanked about 60 yards apart to avoid overlapping Devastating Arcs. Ranged DPS/healers should be in a location that their position and the two bosses form a triangle. This will allow the healers and DPS to be in range of both bosses and the tanks, without being in danger of being hit by Devastating Arc or Stomp.
Tanks have an added challenge in avoiding Devasting Arc because of Magnetic Armor however, the tanks can quite easily move to the side of the boss that will not be affected. To avoid the Stomp, tanks will have to move away from the boss, between 13 and 15 yards, where they will not be hit by the Stomp, nor pulled back by Magnetic Armor. This will be tricky to do at first, but it should become easy with some practice.


If everyone plays perfectly, there should be no raid damage at all outside of Titan Gas. However, healers will still need to heal those raid members who are careless enough to be hit by the Emperor’s Rage or by Devastating Combos.
During Titan Gas phases, healing and raid cooldowns should be used to mitigate the damage and healers should coordinate with tanks for proper cooldown usage.

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