Mogu Shan Vaults: Spirit Kings (10)


This is a council-type fight with 4 bosses which you fight one at a time, in random order, except the first which is alway Qiang the Merciless.

Each new boss becomes active when the previous one is killed. Each of the bosses has his own health pool and his own set of abilities. Each boss has one ability which persists through death. This means that the fight becomes progressively more difficult.

The fight involves a lot of movement, and proper positioning is an important requirement for success, throughout the course of the fight.

Qiang the Merciless

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Flanking Orders summons a row of Mogu warriors that spawn at a random edge of the room and are unattackable. They walk slowly across the room in and can easily avoid it by moving to either side of the line. They will one-shot anyone in their path. Qiang casts this ability every 40 seconds while he is alive, and every 75 seconds when he is dead cooldown.
  • Annihilate is an AoE attack that the boss uses every 40 seconds that deals a high damage in an area on the ground. There is a 3-second visual effect before it deals damage, making it easy to avoid. 
  • Massive Attacks is a front cone attack that deals massive damage that is shared between all it hits. The boss uses this ability every 5 seconds so EVERYBODY should stack in front of the boss to share the damage unless needing to move for Flankinking Orders or Annihilate.

Zian of the Endless Shadow

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Undying Shadows selects a random raid member and a few seconds later summons an attackable add at their location which fixates on the nearest raid member, and follows that player around, dealing damage to all players within 10 yards of it. When the add is killed, it forms a large void zone, which shrinks over 30 seconds when it reincarnates into the original add which fixates on the nearest target. After the 2nd void zone shrinks it disappears permanently. Zian casts this every 40 seconds while he is alive, and every 85 seconds after he is defeated.
  • Shadow Blast is an interruptible spell that deals a large amount of damage to everyone within 8 yards of the target’s location. Zian casts Shadow Blast every 4-5 seconds. By spreading out this ability is a minor issue.
  • Charged Shadows is a spell that deals a high amount of shadow damage to a player which jumps to other players within 8 yards and damages them as well. By spreading out this ability is a minor issue.

Subetai the Swift

Has 3 main abilities:

  • Pillage is a charge to a random raid member and debuff all players within 8 yards with Pillaged a 15 second debuff, which reduces damage and healing done by 50%, and increases Physical damage taken by 50%. The boss casts this ability every 40 seconds.
  • Volley is a 3-step frontal cone attack that is avoided by moving away from it
    • Subetai fires a volley of arrows in a wide cone, dealing a moderate amount of Physical damage. 
    • A second later, he fires again, but this time the cone is less wide and the damage is higher. 
    • A second later, he fires a final volley, in a narrow cone, dealing massive damage.
  • Rain of Arrows is targeted at a random raid member and all players in an 8-yard radius are stunned by Pinning Arrows, which deal Physical damage to the players every second. These arrows should be attacked and killed to free players. Players can also use abilities like Every Man For Himself, Blink etc.

By spreading out the impact of these attacks is trivial.

Meng the Demented

Meng the Demented is a bit different from the other Spirit Kings, in the sense that he has an insanity bar that increases slowly over time. When the insanity bar reaches maximum capacity, it resets, and the boss’ insanity begins to grow once more. Meng has two passive abilities, only one of which is active at one time. The two passive abilities alternate, changing each time Meng’s insanity reaches maximum capacity.

Has 4 main abilities:

  • Crazed increases Meng’s physical damage by 200% of his current insanity.
  • Cowardice causes Meng to reflect damage equal to 50% of his current insanity that hits the raid.
  • Maddening Shout turns all raid members hostile to each other. It also causes everyone to take Shadow damage every 3 seconds. The effect ends when each player has sustained 40,000 damage from another player. Meng casts Maddening Shout every 50 seconds while he is alive, and every 85 seconds after he is defeated. The best way to deal with this is to hug the boss and use weak AoE that leave no dots and does not cause stuns or other debuffs eg no Starfall, Mushrooms or Seed of Corruption.
  • Crazy Thought is an interruptible spell that Meng casts every 5 seconds which increases Meng’s insanity by 10. Interupt it as often as possible when insanity is below 60% and let him cast it when it is above 60%. This causes Meng to spend as much time at low insanity (and low damage) and less time at high insanity (and high damage).

The key to mastering this fight is dealing with the retained abilities which require you to hug up and spread out continuously. Master that and you win.

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