Mogu Shan Vaults: Gara’jal the Spiritbinder(10)


Phase 1

Normal World

Voodoo Dolls: Tank and 2 other players get voodoo dolls debuff for 1 minute. 70% of damage taken by a voodoo doll debuffed player also taken by the other debuffed players – tanks should use cooldowns, healers suck it up and heal!
  • Banishment: Cast on tank when the Voodoo Dolls debuff drops. Off Tank should be ready to taunt as soon as Banishment is cast.
  • Spirit totems: Every 20 seconds a totem will be randomly placed when it dies the 3 nearest players will be sucked into the spirit world for 30 seconds 1 healer and 2 DPS should stack on the totem. Voodoo Dolls targets are unable to enter the Spirit World.

Spirit World

  • Tanks: When banished to the Spirit World you “escape” by killing the Severer of Souls before your 30 seconds is up. Nobody else sees the mob so cannot help. 
  • DPS: The 2 DPS should kill as many Shadowy Minions as possible before pressing their escape button after 25 seconds or when all adds are dead. The button only appears after you are healed to full health.
  • Healer: The healer needs to heal themselves and the 2 DPS to full health as quickly as possible to trigger the escape button. While in teh Spirit World mana regen is insane so be inefficient in there. For this reason healers hould rotate entering the spirit world

Phase 2

Normal World

At 20% HP he hits Frenzy causing him to hit faster and harder. He stops casting Spirit Totems but keeps casting Voodoo Dolls. We cast Heroism/Timewarp we hit faster and harder too (just not as fast or hard as he will).

Spirit World

Can no longer be entered, no more free mana, no more add killing to prevent incoming damage and adds keep spawning so raid damage is always increasing.

Phase 3

Normal World

6 minutes after pulling the boss he goes boom and wipes the raid.

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