Mogu Shan Vaults: Feng the Accurrsed (10)


The Pull

On pull 2 crystal spawn for use by tanks. Clicking them will give an Extra Action Button 1 
  • Right side: Nullification Barrier – AoE Damage barrier
  • Left side: Shroud of Reversal – Ability steal

Phase 1 (100% to 66%)

  • Dot on tank;
  • Shockwave: Move out of it;
  • Epicenter: Earthquake damage reduced the further away you are;

Epicenter can be mitigated by Nullification Barrier or by interupting the boss by the tank with Shroud of Reversal taking the damage from Shockwave and using the Lightning Fist ability they gain 

Phase 2 (66% to 33%)

  • Dot on tank (taunt on 3);
  • Wildfire Spark: Debuff on a player when it runs out fire spaws on your feet. Drop it to set location;
  • Draw Flame: Boss soaks fires dropped which causes him to do AoE damage to the raid;
  • Draw Flame can be avoided by placing Nullification Barrier between boss and flames

Phase 3 (33% to death)

  • Dot on tank (taunt on 3);
  • Arcane Resonance: Move away from raid;
  • Arcane Velocity: Hug up;
  • Nullification Barrier should be used to mitigate Arcane Velocity.

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