Mists of Pandaria: Cinematic and News

We have waited a long time for this and oh boy was it worth the wait,despite the fact there is yet again no gnome in the cinematic. Unlike cinematics from the past there is no big sell in the trailer. Which is odd, no new class or race announcement within it, But the quality is awesome and make me think that the delay to the mythical Warcraft movie is only delaying the inevitable outcome of Blizzard doing it in house, which would be awesome!

The other big news, is something that I know will be welcomed by all new players, the ability to create a new toon of ANY race come 5.0.4 (except Pandaren who will be available to ALL players (even those without the Mists of Pandaria expansion) on September 25th. It is move like this that keep Blizzard and WoW at the top of the MMO tables, awesome work.

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