Malkorok Sucks Balls?

Just a quick post on my latest kill, Heroic Malkorok. Horrible fight, really bad for discipline healing too just because of the way it works, all heals are converted to a shield (just like normal) and that means the person who needs healing most isn’t the person with the lowest HP but the person with the weakest shield.
That mechanic works great for all healing classes except for atonement healing as that targets the person at lowest HP, if that is your tank disc priest is happy priest as you can smite and heal just as before. If that person is a ranged DPS it sucks as all atonement healing could be hitting someone who has a full shield than your atonement is converted into over healing and you’ve got a sad disc priest.
Sure disc isn’t a one trick pony, but if you gear for that one trick, and which disc priest doesn’t? You are left high and dry spamming prayer of healing, Power Word: Shield on tanks and puddle soakers and hoping your DPS are smart enough to pull big numbers before your mana pool gets depleted because you’ve reforged and geared away from spirit.
Anyway, my kill I felt like a spare part because my numbers sucked, big time sucked. I’ve done more research into why and it seems I did only one thing wrong I used smite instead of prayer of healing.
I’ll know this week to sort the groups so I have a tank in each group and can then spam Prayer of Healing on the two tanks. Simple fix, should provide better output but engaging gameplay? Hardly it is almost as bad as the PW:S spam from ICC. But hey, if it gets us to Spoils I’ll be a happy disc priest, and if I replace my normal mode Sullen Fury with the HC one, I’ll weep tears of joy.

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