Magmaw down

Apologies for this post but it was a rapid replacement of the one planned. Last night was one of the proudest moments of my WoW raiding life. In only our 4th real night of attempts on Magmaw, Saturday Knight Fever killed him. The only better moments I can recall were my first kills on NefarianGruul and Lich King. Sure for most progression raiders we’re weeks behind but the point is we’re not elite raiders we’re a bunch of regular folks attempting content we’re not really ready for.

Let me explain, our designated MT was healing, one of our top DPS was healing and 2 of our healers were DPSing. Confused? Well we took 2 pally tanks, a retadin, 2 DPS warriors, a resto druid, a resto shammy, a disc priest (me), a mage and a warlock into the fight and the Lava Worms were never gonna die quick enough with only 2 ranged DPS on them, sometimes you have to go with what you’ve got and use that off spec or respec entirely.

So my thanks goes to Beltyr, Cork, Dixxie and Jibbajabba for switching roles and not moaning about it, you guys rock.

The fights we have had with this set up before had seen us fail horribly with DPS oom and healers OOM as people were taking so much damage because the worm died very slowly and  we got overrun. We talked stuff through made minor and major changes to the strategy and our first attempt last night was a wipe at 40% which was probably more damage done to him than all our previous attempts put together!!

We then went through a cycle of silly wipes and never bettered that 1st attempt. Then we had trash respawn and I was debating to call it a night as we only had 30 mins left. I chose not to share my thoughts and we pressed on. Everything went smoothly and we hit 40%, very low on mana I popped the Shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope during the exposed head phase and managed to get a full mana bar. Then on the reset he one shotted me as Smillas our tank must have been a step too slow to aggro him while I was on a high on the threat list due to the Hymn of Hope so a combat res later I’m back but in a low mana state and now simply tossing heals as I can the last 25% seemed to take for ever but the feeling when he finally died was awesome.

Congratulations go to Nak and Vonkillalot for their loot wins of Incineratus and Akirus the Worm-Breaker respectively.

This fills me full of hope that even after taking the social step down the raiding ladder the friends that I’m raiding with are more than capable of beating the same content and I don’t need to suffer all the elitist BS that was in the “hard core” raiding guilds after leaving Deadwood. Thankfully, many of the folks I left there are with me here in SKF and I’ve found a few more real great guys and gals too.

Dance on SKF, dance on.

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