Maelstrom Madness

Maelstrom Crystal prices on Shadowsong EU Tuesday 12 July 2011

Every now and again you come across something by accident in the old Auction House farming business. Yesterday was one such time and over TeamSpeak came the message, “Are people crazy there are loads of 353/9 epics on the AH for less than 100g, that’s cheaper than Maelstrom Crystals“…….

Were people really that stupid? The goblin in me decided I had to check this out. I hearthed back to the Dwarven District and ran to the AH, sure enough there were 15 items on the AH that could be dis-enchanted in Maelstrom Crystals. Despite being on Evlyxx, not my banker toon, I did have enough (just) to buy the items and fortunately Evlyxx is my Enchanter so I simply purchased the items and transformed them into Maelstrom Crystals. As Saturday Knight Fever have the Bountiful Bags perk I even ended up with 20 Maelstrom Crystals that cost that cost me 1381g  which averages out to 69g 5s per item. As you can see from the AH snapshot taken just before I posted this Maelstrom Crystals are selling for 124g on my home server which is a handsome profit of 55g 94s 99c each or 1118g 99s 8c for less than 5 minutes work

A bad example of pricing for the topic but these are the items that you need to be looking for…….

So keep an eye on your AH for the BoE bargain epics eg Charmbinder Grips and Spiritguard Drape Although thanks to the Thrall Elemental Bonds questline and the Avenger’s of Hyjal rep cloaks in 4.2 most epic 35/9 cloaks are now pretty worthless.

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