Looking For Dungeon a New Twist

A busy day in Orgrimmar
A busy day in town surely we can find something for these folks to do?
Ever wondered why running dungeons has become a clinical, interaction free, non social event if you use LFD and yet they are immense fun with guildies just like they used to be during TBC and vanilla even when pugging? Well I have and a thought occurred to me a few days ago while bored at work on my break. Why not try to get some Shadowsong EU residents to join me and my guildies in LFD if we can’t get a full guild group?

Well the simple answer is we don’t want the inconvenience but that is just so lazy so what I was thinking is that during this nasty period of summer and end of expansion blues I should put 2 minutes of effort in before jumping straight into the LFD queue.
Yes, I know that the LFD tool favours people from your own realm already but I rarely get that and I really think this could be improved upon by giving players the option to queue within your own realm only as this would help promote that community feel that we seem to have lost in Wrath. This would mean that folk from deserted realms could still use the global system that exists today and not wait forever for the 2 tanks and 3 healers of the realm to sign in.
The worst that will happen is that I’ll join the queue 2 minutes later which as a tank or healers is no big deal as you’ll get in at the end of the 3rd minute unless you’re really unlucky.
The best thing that can happen is that we can make some new friends, get the guild known a bit more on the server and hopefully pick up a few new guildies too so I challenge you all to waste 2 minutes each time you ‘ve exhausted the guild for group members and try trade/general and or the actual LFG channel. 
I’m interested to know how you get on so please post your results below.

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