Legion Camera Changes

If you’re used to playing with a really zoomed out camera, get ready for a change that’s coming in legion that will not only reset your extended zoom to the default but prevent you from extending it beyond the ingame slider setting. The difference is significant but you’re only likely to notice a real difference in the world zones and PvP instances as most dungeons and raids are indoors and frequently the environment will force the camera to an artificial maximum rather than your personal settings.

Maximum zoom in World of Warcraf: Warlords of Draenor
Maximum zoom in World of Warcraf: Warlords
Maximum zoom in World of Warcraf: Legion
Maximum zoom in World of Warcraf: Legion

If you’re unsure if you’re playing with the extra zoom enable run the following script:

/console cameraDistanceMax 50

If nothing changes when you zoom out you’e running with a modified zoom setting. If this made you camera zoom out further and you don’t like that to reset it to the default setting, run the script:

/console cameraDistanceMax 15

I’ve already reset mine to the default to get used to it now before it happens when the pre-patch comes.


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  1. It is once again possible to extend the camerazoom beyond the slider in the UI setting, the console command is:

    /console cameraDistanceMaxFactor 2.6

    To reset the zoom simply use the slider in the UI settings.

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