Lady Luck is a Cruel Mistress

Aargh! Is all I can say. Still not sure if the feeling I have is joy or annoyance. But sometimes lady luck can be a cruel mistress.

On Evlyxx, I have farmed Stratholme for a chance of getting the Baron’s Mount lots, since achievements have been around I know the actual figure is a rather lowly 18 , I know people that got lucky on their first run, 1 guy I even had to tell him how to activate the Baron as he’d cleared the trash to the Slaughter House but couldn’t get in to access Baron Rivendare. /sigh

I also know one poor fellow who has farmed Strat for the mount like his life depended on it, At 70 it was on his paladin and since Wrath of the Lich King it has been on his deathknight. The mount is rare, read the comments on wowhead and you hear stories from both extremes.

Then today I was bored and decided I wanted to get the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire, so I could annoy the gold sellers

As my main auction house activities are on my deathknight, Nobunaga, I decided to use him and after 5 kills of Hearthsinger Forresten took me about 15 minutes and as you can only reset 4 times per hour I decided to clear Stratholme for the rep.

I killed everything and as I was collecting the Scourgestones for extra rep and slowly made my way to Baron Rivendare.

3 runs, I’ll never let him kill the Baron again just so that his stats shows them 3 kills. Ah well, back to living in hope for Evlyxx to get it before it disappears forever when Cataclysm comes……

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