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  1. I've thought about this and will consider it, if and when Blizzard allows us more than 10 toons per server.

    My 10 toons are 85 and I don't see me seriously playing on another server, unless it is just to have fun.

    Sizz from Sizzle's Legs

  2. Surely you just go practice in the raid instance and actually get loot? Seems like a waste of time and effort to me. Can you imagine spending up to 15 minutes on every attempt on a practice Deathwing for hours to get nothing – I can't!

  3. You can go practice in a raid instance but ofc you need to have people with patience to let you do that. People demanding an achievement won't let you do that and this way you can fail alone without having some asshat mock you or waste the time of 24 people because you couldn't press the Heroic Will button.

  4. I never healed on my shammy until raid finder. I'll admit I was undergeared since I was using elemental gear at the time. Now I have almost 10k heal power and top the meters.

    Funny thing, I have not healed a 5 man yet.

    And my first post up there, I think I was referring to Ironman Challenge…mispost 🙁

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