Raiding Lockout

Just a quick post to say right now I’m on a major WoW downer.I play WoW to raid and right now that is a real difficult thing for me to do because of the my shifts I work (0800-2000)  and my guild’s raid times (2000-2300) just are not compatible as I can only make  raid 1 in 3 raids and due to rotation I’ll probably be benched every 3rd available raid meaning I’m only getting to attend 22% of raids. I have tried pulling a “late night” team together but there simply isn’t any interest in this in guild. 
This leaves me with a game and guild I love and not being able to play it with the people I want to play it with and as 4.3 gets closer Dragon Soul is imminent and that means getting new people will be hard because of a lack of progress. 
This means that I’m stuck with 4 options and right now the order of preference is: 

  • Quit WoW and hope SWTOR/LoTRO can fill the void (even though I have 5 months subs left); 
  • Join a different raid group outside my present guild that raids at or after 21:30 (which isnt something I’ve seen often in 6 years); 
  • Be carried through content and not enjoy the raiding as I have the 2nd half of Firelands (which I hated with a passion); 
  • Hit up the looking for raid version that will simply offer no challenge;

So it seems that after 6 years my schedule will finally force me out of WoW rather than boredom or a dislike of changes. I’ll keep you posted on my ultimate decision.

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