Its Over 9000!

This week has been a bit strange for me, not enough WoW time due to family visits, although to be honest I felt better for it and will probably take more breaks especially as I’m pretty happy with Evlyxx’s gear levels right now.

However, the week has not been without some postworthy incidents. firstly I decided I had slacked enough and really should finish off the Deepholm quests and get my rep up with Therazane so I could get the latest and greatest shoulder enchant. I had been putting this off because while I am a bit of a rep junkie I don’t like being forced into grinding for it.

I had abandoned questing in Deepholm at level 82 to move to the higher XP from kills and quests in Uldum and Once I got started I was a bit disappointed with myself as I had only been 3 quests away from starting the Therazane quest chain itself which meant I could have least at run a load of heroics wearing the tabard and also had access to Diamant’s Ring of Temperance, an heroic level ring which could have made a whole lot of difference compared to the green PoS that I probably had equipped, but at least this way I hit revered with them before having to use the tabard or do daily quests. This got me access to the lusted after shoulder enchant and now just need to get the 21k rep to hit exalted (faction number 50 too).

The second thing was that I had sometime to level my warlock who had sneaked to 82 running a few quests in Hyjal, the dailies in Stormwind (they are great XP and take <10 minutes) and couple of random dungeons. Having discovered that the Therazane shoulder enchant is not BoA, I decided my time was best spent questing in Deepholm as I wait for random dungeons. After only 12 hours, I had achieved the three goals I set out to, namely access to the greatest shoulder enchant, the tabard and ding 85. While I’ll happily spend endless hours repping up on Evlyxx , I have no desire to repeat such activities on Strigimaga as gearing p ready for some HC and raiding action with the friendly folks of All about Beer.

The last was a realisation that I was a few points away from 9000 achievement points and I had not yet discovered all of the Cataclysm map areas so I went to Vashj’ir and uncovered the last section of the map and got Explore Vashj’ir,  Explore Cataclysm and hit 9010 achievement points, this in turn gave me the Feat of Strength, Its Over Nine Thousand!. Which pleased me but upset a pair of guildies so /soothe Kargrimm and Nak.

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