How it all started………..


It all began with a lad named Matt (or Kittiah as I found out later). He was one of my team at Norwich Union and played this stupid game killing dragons and stuff. He even managed to get Andy (or Falynn) another of my team playing the game and between them they would talk about this game called WoW. It sounded a bit geeky and like DnD and I was really not going to waste my PC on games, I had a PS for that sort of activity, especially as you had to pay £9 a month to play the game they made you buy too!

Anyways, on a business trip to Norwich in November 2005 they bullied, yes bullied me into a trial of the game. I really was not interested but wanted to shut them up as much as anything o agreed to a 14 day trial. I got home that night too tired to do anything other than the couch potato role I filled most nights and put the trial pass and CDs on a shelf. In work next day got pestered all day as to why I had not tried it and promised I would install it that night.

I got home and installed the game 5xCDs took over 1 hour. Not impressed by that anyways install completed and trial account ready to rock, I was keen now to get playing. Then “Downloading patch” message appears on screen another hour later (1/2Mb ADSL sucks for big DLs) I am finally ready I log in select the Shadowsong realm that Kittiah and Falynn play on I “have” to roll Alliance to play alongside them, which seemed a good choice because the Horde were ugly looking races.

Kittiah and Falynn were both Night Elf rogue males so I wanted something very different, and a priest jut sounded cool to me, being able to keep a group fighting longer and having the shadow face melter ability (I did not know then that it was one or the other – no dual specs in 2005). The race options were dwarf – they looked silly in a dress, a Night ElfKittiah and Falynn were both that so a no that left only humans well they did look best after all I am human myself. A female seemed the best choice for me for one reason, I lke looking a woman’s figure much more than that of a big muscly guy and I did not really want to play the stupid game anyways.

After about 15 minutes customising the look of the character and thinking up a name, Evlyxx was “born”. Into the game not a clue what I am doing, even after reading the manual during my 2 hour wait, I run around smiting and clubbing to death kobold after kobold, doing the quests, training new skills and eventually I hit the heady heights of level 5 and leave Northshire Abbey. I look up at the clock, 2 hours have passed by and it felt like minute. Oh heck, I actually like this game already. I return to work the following morning and greet the guys with “Morning, thanks for the game ‘You no take candle!’ ” and they know that I had enjoyed it.

More will follow on how I arrived where I am at now in later posts.

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