Into the Twilight Zone

Ours but to do & die, into the Bastion of Twilight rode the Saturday Knight Fever, dragon to right of them, dragon to left of them, dragon in front of them, volleyed & thundered; storm’d at with shot and shell, boldly we rode and well, into the jaws of Death, into the mouth of Hell, we had fought so well, came thro’ the jaws of Death, back from the mouth of Hell, all that was left of us.

Then when the dust had settled there upon the floor before us was the corpses of  2 dragons, 8 whelps and the twisted visage of their master and trainer Halfus the Wyrmbreaker.

A really nice fight was Halfus, it was challenging, and much like Magmaw entertaining and dare I say fun. Due to raid composition and the vast amounts of unavoidable raid damage I volunteered to switch to Holy healing  and I rather enjoyed it. The mana drain was a bit unexpected but I got through the fight and we killed the boss on one of those “last attempt” pulls that so often result in the death of a boss you’ve been working on all night.

So hats off to the team /salute, which leads me nicely into an admission. During the fight and in fact the whole damn raid I had equipped my Weather Beaten Fishing Hat not my Mask of New Snow. I only spotted this when checking the Armory for my team to see who, if anyone, has been slacking on their gemming and enchanting of their gear, so be careful you’re not a nubcaek if you hide your helm like I do.

While we are not a hard core group, there are some things that I believe are raiding essentials and gems, enchants and stacking the right stats (including boosts form food/flasks/elixirs). This makes sure that you are giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed especially if your DPS is only just enough to beat the enrage timers.

I wish there was a mod that did this part for me that wasn’t called Player/Gear Score with its horrid clunky UI but right now it seems the only alternative to manual checking of the Armory, and that combined with Prescription, for checking for food/flasks is making sure my guys are kept in line.

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