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It has been a while since my last post so I just thought I’d make a quick post to confirm I’m still alive, still playing WoW and still planning on writing blog posts.
The reason for my slackness is that I’m having to put a lot of time into guild management as we hit the lull period of the expansion. I’ve lost 3 of my 15 man raid team to real life and raiding boredom which means I’m chasing my tail trying to keep the other 11 raiders signing up so we don’t have to cancel raids and lose progression opportunities. 
I’m also busy trying to recruit, but our home server isn’t highly populated and trying to find 3 heroic ready people to fill even DPS spots is proving to be difficult so I’m now casting my search wider in the hope of pulling in some x-realm people to what is a medium pop realm.
I would consider trying to convince the GM that we should realm transfer but the guild transfer only brings 1 benefit  over a non guild transfer mass exodus, the guild structure (e.g.
level, acheevs, gold, bank contents, ranks, membership) all transfer
with the GM and members get to use a time limited code that means they
automatically join the guild on the new realm when they arrange their
own personal transfer. 
Also as Shadowsong is a English PVE realm we’d need to stick to that realm
type, and we’d want to be on an Alliance heavy realm right now that
means Silvermoon (http://www.wowprogress.com/realms/rank/eu/lang.en) and Silvermoon is bad because there queues at busy times
NOW during the lull let alone during xpac launch and patch launch
The next best PVE realm is Magtheridon, this is a good realm, I have
my Hordies there and it is a relatively faction balanced realm, but that
creates 2 problems, not a high raiding poulation to recruit from and I
have only 3 spots free.
The next few realms Arathor, Emerald Dream and Turalyon are not that
far ahead of Shadowsong in terms of raiding population which sort of
negates the reason for moving. Next on the list is Shadowsong, oh
That would means we’d need to reconsider our requirements, and for me the
only changeable variable is the realm type to cover RP and that means
Argent Dawn. The raiding population there is double Shadowsong’s and I’m
really not convinced that is worth the effort either.
One other thing has always stopped me doing realm transferring Evlyxx, I want my alts all in 1
place and with 10 alts I have an emotional bond with (my monk means
nothing to me) that would be £150, which I simply couldn’t justify to
the accountant (aka the wife).
So all things considered I’m hoping for a realm connection soon to help ease the problem, but in the meantime I’m working on a plan B which is to motivate the Shadowsong EU community into action so we can draw more players to our realm. Some of Shadowsong’s more prominent residents (some may be considered WoW community celebrities) are aware of the cause which to be fair is currently being championed by Monsterbaby of the all druid guild Druids of the Beast. For now I can’t be more specific (because I don’t have all the info!) but as soon as I am able to share I shall.

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