Project Titan Update: Illogical Actions


Back in October 2012, I set up a plan to attain the Herald of the Titans, Feat of Strength. This involved setting up home on a new server (Defias Brotherhood) with my Horde charcters, rolling a new priest and setting up a new guild, including a new website.
Thankfully I was able to recruit some friends from Exhumed, and through the realm forums and some advertising on the Rawrcast and Convert To Raid podcasts, I was able to fill a few more spots.

If you’ve been watching my achievement feed to the right you may have noticd I got the Herald of the Titans a few days back and may have wondered why I hadn’t published anything yet and it has simply been a matter of unavailable time until today.

The schedule was frantic, particularly near the end and there have been a few unexpected challenges, namely acquiring Justice Points to buy the tier pieces and other assorted armour from the JP vendors. This is because you can only earn justice points by running Cata content which isn’t helpful when you’re after item drops from Wrath content. There is also the option of converting honour but as we’re XP locked we have to run with the PVP twinks, which has 2 problems:
  1. a long queues;
  2. if you’re a PVP n00b you’re liable to hinder your teams success and therefore end up in lower honor;
  3. you lose 33% (375 honour gives 250 justice);

Fortunately I stumbled across the Venture Bay PVP quests which give 200 honour per day and only take 10 minutes  but you need to log on daily which isn’t always an option. This combined with the 75 justice per day from a random Cata dungeon soon mounts up but does mean you need to run Blackrock Caverns and Throne of Tides until your eyes bleed.
The final challenge was scheduling everyone to attend raids around my hectic real life and WoW schedules, which wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. This has led to a lack of signups and to solve the problem I took the advice of one of my officers and went to OpenRaid, (which I highly recommend, especially if like running older content for achievements, so sign up) and was able to fill our raid last Saturday with some great people. Those that joined me from outside ReExhumed were:
The raid itself was great fun, we warmed up on Flame Leviathan, Razorscale (I wanted the Eye of the Broodmother) and XT-002 before moving on to Algalon and killing him on our second pull in rather unspectacular style as only one of us survived, grats Zombaal. To clebrate we then went on and got boosted by a couple of Stabban and Krius on their level 90s and also managed to get Yogg with no keepers.
I am pleased that my personal quest of attaining the Herald of the Titans has finally been completed, there still a couple of players that have been highly active in teh guild events and we do need to get them their acievements, too and I have therefore scheduled runs on:

Both are available on OpenRaid for signups now even for non-guild members, but I will be priorising guild members.

At little over 3 months, it hasn’t been a short journey though but it has been a fun one, and while I may have the title I’m still not done with the whole raiding at level concept and therefore will be keeping the guild active continuing the project.

So if you’re keen to do some retro raiding at levels 60, 70, 80 or 85 just drop me line here, visit our guild website, and signup or keep an eye out for me on OpenRaid.

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